Saurabh Jyoti, Director of Jyoti Group and Chairman of Syakar Company, the authorized distributor of Honda two and four wheelers in Nepal, is no doubt a connoisseur when it comes to talking about motorbikes or the latest gadgets. However, he is equally passionate about watches and his obsession for luxury watches is apparent in his Instagram posts. Jyoti has a unique taste in watches and when it comes to choosing a trustworthy brand, RADO is top of the list. Living found out more about Saurabh Jyoti’s obsession with RADO in a short interview:

How important is time in your life?

Time is a factor we want the most but something we use the worst. Time is the most important commodity that is limited to all of us. So, I try to live life to the fullest; at work, I try to make the most impact and contribution in the least amount of time, working towards making a different impact for inclusive growth of my employees, society and nation at large. In my leisure time, I do what I love and spend time with people who mean the most to me.

In today's world, what are some of the essentials for a man?

Confidence, humility, fire in the belly and ability to walk the talk to make their dreams come true. It's the same for women too, but they have already figured this out long ago.

What are some of your top luxury possessions?

For me, motorcycles are my passion and an absolute necessity for me. So, even though I splurge and have quite a few of them, I wouldn't classify them as my luxurious possessions. I love cars too, but since it's a business for me, they would also not pass off as my luxury possessions. Besides that, I'm a tech freak, so I have this uncontrollable urge to have the latest tech and gadgets but isn't that about productivity and communication which is essential to run a business today? So, I guess besides my watches, I don't have many luxury possessions.

When did you start wearing watches and at what age did you first own your luxury watch?

I've always been fascinated with watches from a very early age. I started wearing watches early from my school days. My first watch was a Casio digital watch. My first luxury watch was an Omega Constellation watch which belonged to my grandfather and it was given to me by my grandmother after he passed away. That watch is my prized possession till date.

How many timepieces do you own today?

Still not as many as I'd like to! If I tell you, then my wife would get a fit and I'd have to sleep on the sofa, so it's a secret. I actually hide and buy watches without her knowing. But I don't particularly have many luxury watches. I like to collect fun and off brand watches as I find them very interesting and you don't see many people wearing them. I like to wear watches that make me smile each time I look at my wrist to see the time and these fun and off brand watches have that effect on me. But whenever I buy expensive watches, I generally go for the limited editions as these are rare and the value goes up with time. So, technically speaking I don't buy watches, I invest in them.

What is it about RADO that makes you feel close to this brand?

It's one of the most innovative Swiss brands. The materials they use are unique like scratch proof ceramics. And the design is simplistic, minimal and has a clean look. This is why I like RADO.

The slogan of RADO is “Time changes everything, except a RADO; RADO: A different world". How do you relate this to your personal and professional life?

Time is the most precious commodity for all of us and each second gone can't be bought back. So, making most of the time, we have to bring out the change we want, is how I live my life.

How does RADO assist you in your professional life?

I guess because of the tremendous amount of R&D, time and innovation that has gone into making each watch to perfection, it inspires me to be the best version of myself and keep improving upon myself with each passing day, professionally as well as personally.

Features you like in your RADO True Phospho limited edition.

Firstly, it's a collaborative effort between Big Bang designs and RADO so it's a unique product and limited to 1003 watches globally. Moreover, I love skeletal watches where you can see the intricate mechanisms of the watch. So that's why I like this watch.

What advice would you give to luxury watch seekers?

Buy a watch that inspires you and makes you happy each time you look at your watch. Take time to find the right watch that is as unique as you are and reflects your personality. They say you can know a person by looking at his watch, so let your watch do the talking for you.