Well- known for its avant-garde design and the use of revolutionary equipment, RADO is a globally appreciated Swiss brand recognized as the creator of the most elegant and durable watches. With the use of high-tech ceramic materials which are innovative, durable and hypoallergic, Rado has maintained a gentle approach to glamor and for people with sensitive skin. RADO watches are not just famous for their premium products but also for their distinctive aesthetic qualities. Since 1990, RADO has been the proud recipient of many international design awards.

Dr. Rupak B Ghimire: RADO fits with my aesthetic touch

Dr. Rupak B Ghimire (Ayushman) completed his MBBS from Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences and received his MD degree in Dermatology from the College of Medical Sciences, Chitwan followed by his aesthetic and hair transplantation training from India and Korea. Dr. Ghimire who has also taken part in man scientific conferences held in Turkey and Bangkok, is the founding chairman at Aavaran Skin & Hair Clinic located in Durbar Marg and Battisputali. He is also the lecturer and Consultant Dermatologist at Kathmandu Medical College, Sinamangal. Apart from this, he won Mr. Nepal 2011, was the lead actor in the Nepali movie- “Chocolate- Sweeter than Life” and has modeled for more than a dozen ads and TVCs including Baltra, Samsung and Yamaha.

Dr. Ghimire is a watch enthusiast and an avid collector. RADO is the first name that comes to his mind when choosing a brand with values and trust. He reveals to Living his deep seated love for Rado watches.

What keeps you motivated in your profession?

I am a dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon, so I get most satisfaction by making people look more beautiful.

What is your personal style mantra?

I believe that ‘It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed’. Wherever I go, I try to make the best effort possible with my hygiene and personality.

What are some of your top luxury possessions?

I have more than 100 suits I guess, but I don't count the worth in brand values. Rather, I value relationships with my people and their gifts and memories are my top possessions.

In today's world, what are some of the essentials for a man?

A few sharp white shirts, suits, nice shoes and of course a nice watch. But above all these, a good attitude is something that you can’t miss.

How important is time in your life?

I consider myself a very punctual person and wherever I go, I try to be there on time.

When did you start wearing watches and at what age did you first own a luxury watch?

I have been wearing watches since I was in grade five or six but my first luxury timepiece was a RADO Jubilee collection gifted by my dad.

How many timepieces do you own today?

I probably own eight to ten watches but I haven't counted exactly.

What is your attachment to the RADO watch?

The RADO I am currently wearing was gifted to me on my birthday by my dad and the emotional attachment with the watch drives me closer to this brand.

The slogan of RADO is “Time changes everything, except a Rado; Rado: A different world".How do you relate this to your personal life?

I feel that the slogan perfectly matches people these days. Most of the people or things that appear good, turn out to be fickle when you know their real worth. Whereas, RADO has been a synonym for good quality and brand value that it has maintained through decades.

What’s special about RADO that one cannot find in other brands?

The brand value RADO has and the price of the watches cannot be compared. At the same time, it has a stature of its own. This is something that only RADO watches can provide you.

How does RADO assist you in your professional life?

As I am into aesthetic medicine, it is very easy for me as I don't have to take off my watch every time I wear the hospital gloves because of the sleek and savvy nature of the watch.

Your favorite brand moment with RADO?

Some months ago, I saw one of my friends at a function after a long time and when I grabbed him from behind to surprise him he noticed my watch and said, "Oho bro RADO dekhaako?” (laughs). This is the brand value that RADO carries.

How has your perception for RADO changed since you started wearing it?

I have realized that it isn't a costlier brand to handle. Also, the regular servicing at SULUX Centre to keep it polished and shining, brings me closer to this brand.

 What is RADO to you?

My time keeper and reminder of somebody.

What advice would you give to luxury watch seekers?

Don’t just go for a watch but learn about the history and brand value associated with it because you are making an investment.