RIEJU is a Spanish motorcycle company established by Luis Riera Carre and Jaime Juanola Farres (RIEra + JUanola) in 1934. Tunchhe Trans Himalayan Trading Concern has been importing Rieju Motorcycles to Nepal since 2010. The company has been selling Marathon 185 Pro, Marathon 185 Regular, Tango 250 and RS 3 NKD 185.

Marathon 185 Pro
Legend or Reality?

The Reiju Marathon Pro uses liquid cooled Yamaha (Italy) 185cc 4-Stroke 4-Value engine producing 21 Bhp of max power, combined with light weight alloy silencer for maximum power to weight ratio. The weight is balanced by new Duel Beam chassis, the Suspension relies on 41 mm R16V upside-down front forks and Reiju’s progressive racing system mono gas rear shock with remote reservoir for adjustable seat height perfect for the height of average Nepali citizens. With two rim size choice of Dirt (21 inch/18 inch) and Street (17 inch/17 inch), while going fast it needs to stop fast too. So, with 300mm up front and 200 mm at the rear, it comes equipped with huge Galfer disk brakes with semi-metallic brake pads.

Contact Information: 
Address: Exhibition Road, Ramshah Path, Putalisadak (Opp. Bina Complex)
P: 01-4220004
FB: facebook.com/RiejuNepal