She smiles and shares, “When I was young, I was a volleyball champ. And most of my focus was on the game. But when I grew up and started my college days, my extra curricular activities got lesser day by day and my interest also diverted towards designing. Never in my childhood did I think of becoming a doctor or engineer, I was just into games.”

Our homes and workplaces are our most intimate places. They are where we unwind, groove and put our focus. From tiny studios to luxurious office spaces, Sapana Bhusal's design firm Bella Casa International creates sophisticated and beautiful designs that are both inspiring and inviting. Celebrating nine years of beautifying homes and work spaces, Sapana continues to pour out her passion into every project, giving each client the care and attention they deserve.

“I have enjoyed so much doing my work that when I look at myself today, I feel proud. This has been my interest and nothing gives me more happiness in doing what I love,” says Sapana Bhusal, the designer head of Bella Casa International.
“It definitely was a hobby. When I had initially started my path to designing when there wasn't any course in Nepal that provided a diploma with three years degree. Being an ardent design headed, I found out that KIC (Kantipur International College) had a course in interior designing. Without a second thought, I jumped at the opportunity,” mentions Sapana. Though she completed her course, she felt there were still more things she didn't know about - which led her to go to the US for further studies in Diploma in Interior Designing. “I had an amazing time,” she smiles. “I turned my hobby into passion and have enjoyed every ride till this day.”

It has been more than nine years that Bella Casa has carved its way into interior designing. Her first showroom was located in Babermahal and it has only been two years they've shifted to a new location with an exquisite showroom in Buddhanagar UN Park.

“We have a misunderstanding of the term “Interior”. The term includes everything like ceiling, walls, flooring, furniture. But I especially target for the walls. What I believe is if you have branded furniture but if the wall is empty then it wouldn't do justice to the space,” she mentions.

Started her journey as a Freelancer, she shared that she worked for a garment shop. “That was my first experience! I was quite nervous at that time. I used to constantly ask my seniors how to start my work and how should I move ahead with it. And then I went to the US. It was definitely a very enriching experience as I got the opportunity to explore their market. The US is a vast country and the interior trend was so much different. I came back home with a fresh mind and ready to work again. It was an experience where I got the opportunity to work in a different country with different approach to designs.” Even after she came back she explains she did have errors in her initial years and those mistakes became her biggest learning experience. “I came to a realization that there were many aspects I had to keep in mind, the minor details, the requirements and the materials.”

Coming to 2019, from where I started, there has been a drastic change in the world of design. Around the late 2000s, interior designing wasn't a familiar term for many people. And even if I went for the design people used to be shocked by the price and termed us as a basic house decorator and not a design. People did not understand the meaning of designing. They used to take as rearranging the furniture and adding decorative pieces. But if you look that the scope and the clients, everything is changing. They understand the work that it takes to actually create a specific space. So, today it has become much easier for us to because they understand that they're paying for our creativity.

We get a lot of requests from our clients to open the showroom that is nearer to the city and outside valley too. But opening a showroom, doesn't only solve all problems. We need to plan and do preparations before we open another showroom as it includes location, investment and human resource. But yes we definitely see Bella Casa expanding in 2020 and we do have started to give materials to different dealers in the country. Hence, Bella Casa is slowly carving its way in the city.

Bella Casa is only a segment of what I want to do in the next five years. I have a list of plans for 2025 and hopefully I will perform well to achieve my goals. Without my staffs and company, I am nothing without their support. I want to set my company as an example for upcoming or any other interior design company.

As I have mentioned previously, I specialize in wall decors and have a variety of materials to cater every clients needs. I us usually import materials from China, Czech; mostly European because they have a lot to offer and many franchises too.