A leader in the makeup industry, Sophie Sunuwar has been very successful in this field for a number of years. From being the head of her own team “Reveal” she has worked as the official make-up artist for the Miss Nepal 2015 and 2016 pageants. Sophie shares with Living, her own as well as Reveal’s marvelous journey in the field of make-up.

“There were several events during the Miss Nepal pageant. Photo shoot and other events when we had to do hair and makeup of all the contestants within a limited time. It was not difficult but we did feel the pressure. Thanks to our fantastic team, despite the pressure we completed the job within the allocated time,” says Sophie, head of the official make-up team of Miss Nepal 2016. 

One of the biggest events in the country, Miss Nepal 2016 went off very well. All involved played an equal part in making the event a success including the team behind the transformation of the contestants of the pageant. “Reveal” the official make-up team of Miss Nepal 2016 was behind the divine looks of the many candidates at the contest. Reveal has three members looking after three departments: Hair Stylist- Bigen Tamang, Beauty Care (Cosmetologist) - Bidisha Shakya and Make-up – Sophie Sunuwar. 

Sophie, who has been involved in Miss Nepal since 2009, established Reveal only a year ago with a highly dedicated team. Their dedication is the reason why the team was able to competently complete the job within the given time despite the desperation when preparing the candidates during the pageant. 

Although she’s worked in other big events and in major sections of the media including TV and music videos, Sophie wasn’t really focused on becoming a professional make-up artist in the industry but had a passion for the art of make-up. At an early age, she used to give herself a makeover and experiment with her looks, which kept her passion burning and helped hone her skills. “But the transition from personal experimentation to becoming involved in the Miss Nepal pageant as make-up artist wasn’t an easy transition, “she reveals. 

Even after eight years in the make-up industry, she finds preparing the Miss Nepal candidates for the pageant a challenging job. Sophie says her team had to give orientation and train all the candidates within a short period of time. Since the candidates for Miss Nepal have different types of skin, hair and looks, it’s really challenging to teach them one to one. “But, thanks to the candidates’ diligence,” she adds, “they were able to learn and follow the team’s instruction within a short time. 

Big events like Miss Nepal are great opportunities for the Reveal team to learn on the job and grow with the challenge. The team has faced many challenges but they’ve always been able to overcome the difficulties and learn from it. Sunuwar asserts, “Miss Nepal is like a big festival for the glamour industry which takes place once a year. A lot of people wait for this mega event just to watch and enjoy the proceedings, perhaps because this is the most glamorous event in the calendar. And so does the Reveal team. They believe events like these always give creativity a boost, and give them a chance to prove themselves. 

Working alongside for the big events, the team also has their own Hair, Beauty and Make-up Studio located at Nag Pokhari, Kathmandu. Sophie thinks the profession of a make-up artist takes the team in new and diverse directions. From meeting new people, using new products, to beautifying different people in different ways, the job is never boring and always challenging. “We take it as an interesting game, which is why we give our best to make people beautiful,” informs Sophie. 

Reveal has always aimed high and kept up their standards, which is also the reason, Sunuwar believes, why participants end up quite happy with their make-up. During the entire pageant, the team was content with the outcome and they were pleased there were no complaints, and never faced a moment of doubt in dealing with the candidates.

When asked about the pressures the team had to face, how hectic their schedules were and the rush involved in preparing the candidates for the finale, Sophie surprises us with her answer: “The team has always conducted a meeting prior to the finale, talking about looks and the sequences of the finale. The organizers were good in coordinating the various players in the event and with our strong make-up team we were easily able to do our part efficiently. Due to the overwhelming, emotional circumstances, many candidates were crying back stage during the event which ruined their makeup, but Reveal’s quick response and ever watchful team saved the situation with quick touch ups and the event went off without a hitch.”  

Just like the winners enjoying a sense of ecstasy after their victory, Sunuwar as the leader of Reveal also feels very happy after the successful completion of the Miss Nepal pageant. Sophie says, “My team also felt triumphant with their successful participation at this event. It was an opportunity for them to learn more and practice new tricks of makeup. They always wish to be a part of such major events and I always trust them to do their job well.”

After the huge achievement with Miss Nepal 2016, the team plans to carry on working with them to train the winners for International pageants. Having achieved what every make-up team would desire to achieve, Sophie Sunuwar declares her team’s future plans would involve conducting makeup seminars at the local and national level under the name “Reveal”. She informs us that the team has begun preparing for the seminars.

Sophie has been in the makeup industry for a long time. She believes from the start of her journey in this industry, every single moment in the field of make-up has been exciting and at the same time, every new opportunity has come with new challenges. 

When asked what advice she would give someone aspiring to be a make-up artist, this is what she has to say: “To be a professional make-up artist one should first of all have a professional attitude to the job. It is not a 9 to 5 job with a weekend to look forward to. One has to be flexible, punctual, have a friendly nature, be confident of one’s abilities and obviously possess good make-up skills. Please remember these things and good luck to you.”