SushantPradhan – The Physique Workshop

1) what got you interested in training?

I was a super skinny guy. I was 5' 9" and weighed 47 kg. So I wanted to do something about it. My new year's resolution for the year 2009 was to get fit and gain some weight. I didn't want to get muscles. I just wanted to look normal. So I joined a gym and the whole process started. Since then, I’ve never looked back.

So along the way, people started to notice my journey and they followed along. I loved helping people with their goals as well. Slowly, I realized that what we lacked was proper science when it comes to fitness so I wanted to change that. Although being an IT graduate, I felt that the gap needed to be bridged hence I made a move towards adopting fitness as a career. The Physique Workshop was my project to get started into fitness.

I realized that I could only reach so many people at my gym but I wanted to help people that I couldn't reach physically or geographically. Hence, I started with my YouTube channel. I have been consistent with YouTube for over 2 years now, with more than 300 fitness videos on my Channel.

2) What’s TPW like? Anything new, exciting and unique that our readers might be interested in?

 Well, to be honest, TPW (The Physique Workshop) is nothing fancy or way different than other gyms. The equipment are pretty much the same. But that's half the story. I believe that machines don't build bodies. You yourself build it. All you need is someone to assist you and motivate you. That's where we are different. We have 5 full time passionate and friendly trainers guiding trainees. And the environment is homely and there is no sense of intimidation in the gym. Everybody is so welcoming and motivating. A gym is only as good as its family. And we have a great supportive one that I'm really proud of.

3) And finally, any health tips you would like to give our readers?

Here's the biggest tip I can give. 'CONSISTENCY' is the key to results. It matters more than anything else. It’s Number One1 in my book. It doesn't matter if you have the best coach or the best workout routine. If you are not consistent, you won't see results.As for other fitness tips, check out my YouTube channel. Some tips are better off explained properly in a video. That's why I got started with it in the first place.