Healthy, strong and clean teeth means a better smile and a healthier life. Poor oral hygiene can lead to tooth decay, swollen gums and systemic diseases and condition such as heart disease, diabeties, osteoporosis and endocarditis. Present day lifestyle has introduced unhealthy foods, consumption of acidic foods, sticky food, cold drinks and foods that contain excessive amounts of sugar that can damage tooth structure. The habit of smoking and chewing tobacco may also lead to oral cancer. Regular dental check ups at least once every six months will help early detection, protection and prevention of oral diseases and at the same time reduce unnecessary expenses.

Adults should be warier of their tooth decay, enamel degradation, recession of gums and missing teeth in order to maintain good health. They should give the appropriate information about their medical history and medication to their dentist, so that he can plan treatment accordingly avoiding side effects.

Pregnant woman should take special care of their gums and oral cavity because the rise of hormone levels can increase chances of gum disease as well. Hence, preventive dental treatment is a must to avoid oral infection and pre-term birth.

Some people may suffer from genetic (hereditary) abnormality and gum disease. As soon as you notice symptoms, contact your dentist to identify the cause and get appropriate treatment to prevent permanent loss of teeth.

These days, dentists are applying more preventive strategies, new technologies and painless treatment options to keep your teeth decay free and help you live a more comfortable life.

Useful tips for healthy teeth:

  • Brush and Floss your teeth at least twice a day.
  • Use tooth paste that contains fluoride.
  • Don’t use a hard-bristled brush and change it within 3 months.
  • Don’t smoke and chew tobacco.
  • Avoid hard foods like nuts (supari, chhurpi etc).
  • Try to eat vegetables, and foods that contain protein and calcium.
  • Reduce the consumption of acidic food, sticky food, and drinks that contain sugar.
  • Help your children (1-6 years of age) brush their teeth twice a day.
  • At about age 2 start using fluoride toothpaste (a pea sized).
  • Avoid giving bottled milk, juice and sugar containing drinks in bottle at bed time.
  • If you see spots and stains on the teeth take your baby to a dentist.
  • Go for a dental check up once every six months. Regular dental check up helps early detection, protection from oral diseases and also helps you avoid expensive procedures. (Your dentist helps you with early detection, and protection of oral cavities).
  • Adults should take care of their decayed teeth, enamel degradation, recession of gums by proper cleaning (scaling) and filling at a dental clinic.