What makes a good designer shine? Definitely their work. Here’s to a designer’s hard work and its remarkable results. 
Rishi Saraf has been involved in designing spaces professionally for almost ten years now. But his story didn’t start there. It began decades ago in Darjeeling. 
“My dad was a designer in Darjeeling. His work is very popular there. I started working for him and his friend Tom Crees, who is an architect by profession. Tom designed the ICIMOD building, Hotel Shangri-la and the Nanglo chain in Kathmandu. It is through these people that I got into designing,” says Rishi Saraf. 

Today, Saraf is a leading interior designer in Nepal. His work has been a part of commercial and residential spaces and he has made a name for himself as one of the best designers in the city. 

Designing style
Rishi prefers straight, contemporary designs that are very modern and pleasing to the eye. It is this style that he prefers to classical. 
“Traveling is my number one inspiration. I look at buildings around the world and get to know the designs. I try to incorporate them in my work. Reading reference material is another useful way of keeping myself updated,” shares Rishi. 

How big a role do clients play then? Huge, apparently. 
“Designers work best when they are given the space to explore their creative insights. The best of my works are with clients who have given me creative space and who have trusted me. In this business, clients’ happiness is the key. Some clients just bring out the best in you,” says Rishi with a smile. 
Designs and design ethics
Designing is definitely creativity. But it is more than that. To be successful, one must have work ethics that are strong and dependable. Rishi considers this to be an important quality. 
“I make sure I supervise each site at least two or three times a week. There are other employees who are there every day. But I want to make sure everything is immaculate. I work to make it so,” informs Rishi.

So what are these best works?

-Bungalow in Baluwatar
Location: Baluwatar
Year Completed: 2013
Duration: 10 months
About the bungalow
The family wanted a home that met all their requirements and one that incorporated both glamor and practicality. The living and dining rooms were lavishly designed with a tall marble structure that extends from the ground floor to the second floor. The design on the staircase wall that runs to the upper floors is among the many designs that stand out. 

“This is the first bungalow where I designed a home theater. They have a huge space in the basement with a projector to enjoy movies as well as a recreation area with floor seating that is perfect for their card parties and larger get togethers. The steam and sauna room on the top floor is another luxury that has been beautifully incorporated into the home,” says Saraf. 

A lot of Onyx has been used around the house. From the grand entrance to the dining table, everything glows with onyx and lighting plays a huge part in accenting the glamor quotient. Versace wallpaper and textured walls at different places around the house adds to the lavishness. There are three dimensional boards that are used along with beautiful tiles from Spain. Here they sourced the entire accessory range and lighting from India that adds to a unique and customized look for the owners.
Apartment at KL Residency

Location: K.L. Residency, Sanu Gaucharan
Year Completed: 2014
Duration: 7 months

Owners: Mr and Mrs. Surendra Sarda.
About the apartment:

This 2000 square feet apartment had to be made a home for a family of four with very different tastes. The initial four bedrooms were changed into three. This gave the entire apartment a very spacious look. The living, dining and family rooms are lavish and well styled. 
“I was given great freedom to explore. There are many accessories displayed around the home which we carefully selected in India,” shares Rishi. 

A lot of Italian travertine marble is used which gives a beautiful look to the space. Rishi used Onyx marble that brightens up the entire space. The best of wallpapers have been used. 

Grill Me 
Location: Jhamsikhel
Year completed: 2011
Duration: Completed in 7 months. 
Owners: Mr Anudan Rana and Ninesh Tiwari.

About Grill Me
The challenge with Grill Me was that it had to be turned into a restaurant without major structural changes. The result however was just as they wanted. It has an outdoor bar which probably was the first for any restaurant in the city. There are stone fireplaces that are six feet long. These spaces are for warmth in winter and they can have pebbles or candles in summer. 

“It was an old house and the entire area was a huge parking lot that had to be changed. It was transformed into a beautiful, partially covered space,” says Rishi. 


A lot of metal, wood and stones were used. The exposed metals with wooden and rustic furniture are representative of Rishi’s work.