Have you ever had one of those experiences when it felt like too many coincidences were happening frequently? Well, coincidences might not merely be coincidences and what if you know that there are always answers to everything that seems oh so bewildering to figure out!
 Too hard to believe but it is what it is! I’m sure pretty much each and every one of you must have encountered the words such as “I’m healing”, “I hope you heal”, “I want to heal”, “the vibes aren’t right”, and much more. While it might seem all cut and dried and simple yet the more you try to unlock the meaning, it only gets more complicated. I feel that each and every one of us is on the lookout for the same, we kind of know we want it and need it but we do not know the how and what of it. But what if you know that there is actually a secret portal that will give you all the clarity you seek?
My journey of seeking answers beyond what we could see and comprehend, the belief that there is always much more to explain beyond what is visible with the naked eye and seeking to heal led me to visiting Ms. Preeti Agrawal, a Pranic healer Instructor and a professional healer. The very first interaction with her led me into following a path which made my life simpler and easier. Hence, we took over a chunk of time from her spiritual life to have a broader and deeper picture in the journey of seeking answers from within and outside, just another step to make lives easier for our readers.
Preeti studied BFA in Applied Arts from Mumbai University and is a Graduate Gemologist from the prestigious Gemmological Institute of America. She also did Post Graduate diploma in Counselling Psychology. She always found herself inclined and drawn towards spirituality and comprehending life and its meaning. 
Lately, she has been serving as a basic and advance level Pranic healing instructor and a trustee with Pranic healing Yoga Nepal trust. Running a pranic healing center, "Pranic Angels Nepal" she has been offering Pranic healing services and teachings to people all over Nepal simply as a conscious effort to provide a breakthrough when the world is full of souls who are bewildered by their everyday circumstances.  In addition to everything a jewellery business offering healing jewellery to people under the brand “Preeti Agrawal Jewelry” adds up to her journey as a professional healer. 
Let’s head towards the short but not so short yet very deep and meaningful conversation we had with her to get to know her better and share her knowledge with everyone!

How did you get into the journey of Pranic healing?
I think the seed was sown in me with my always so curious and inquisitive nature and inclination towards spirituality. My mind and heart always sought meaning behind the mere existence and incarnation of us living beings and thus, I had been involved in other modalities of healing/meditation such as Vipashana and Reiki. 
However, when I got back from Mumbai in 2013, I had a little argument with my cousin who emphasized that there were eleven chakras when I firmly believed there were seven. She then directed me towards a number of classes that I took here and then my understanding gradually got clearer.
It won me over completely when I felt it. I suffered from migraine back then and just by knowing how energies worked I used it to heal myself move up. Not just that I had major positive transformations in my health, career, business and relationships along with peace and contentment.
Since then, there has been no turning back on becoming the preacher and practitioner of the same.

What do you think draws the line between spirituality and religion?
For me spirituality is about connecting to and getting in with the core of yourself. There is only one God or the higher power that controls everything; the fact is that religion has given different names to it but they are all the aspect of the same god. Religion prohibits the questioning of the practices and systems which is said to be created by our ancestors which restricts rational thinking. Religions bind us to certain faiths whereas spirituality has no boundaries, is always adaptable to change and leads us to a clear understanding of circumstances by allowing flexibility.  

What are the values that you uphold in life? 
Very simple yet challenging to practice- “You reap what you sow”.  Future consequences are inevitably shaped by how you think and act. What goes around comes around. Hence, as far as applicable one should be cautious while making any move and should be accountable for what sooner or later comes as a consequence of the same. No trifling act as secretly as it may be done, escapes the lords of karma. Whatever you are doing to others, you are doing to yourself. Physically we might be different, spiritually we are all one. So, what we do to others, we are only doing this to ourselves as well.

Having been a Pranic healer for so long, could you please explain the basics?  
Pranic healing, as serene as it sounds is a "no touch no drug" advance energy healing system based on the fundamental principle that the body has the innate ability to heal itself. Pranic Healing utilizes “life force,” “energy,” or prana to accelerate the body’s inborn ability to heal itself. It aids with physical, emotional, psychological, financial and spiritual needs. Not based on any religion, it complements all medical systems. Pranic healing was founded by Master Choakok Sui who was of Filipino- Chinese descent who spent more than 30 years researching and studying literature and books on esoteric sciences, examining and sorting through their various healing techniques, and eventually developing the concepts, principles, techniques, and practical applications of Pranic Healing as it is widely known today. 
Here we mostly focus on healing of energy body which is also called aura to help heal the physical body. The dirty or diseased energy is removed from the aura and chakras and replaced with positive energy to help heal the body. You are taught to feel and scan the aura, chakras and different energies on your body, because only when you have understood yourself can you also help to heal yourself. In basic Pranic healing course one is taught about chakras, scanning and feeling energies, karma and the laws of karma to improve all the areas of life. You are also taught self and distant Pranic healing, forgiveness technique and a very powerful meditation which is known as Meditation on Twin Hearts. There are five major levels in Pranic Healing that can be taken in mere 10 days. Besides this we have many other higher courses to help us navigate our life better.

"For me spirituality is about connecting to and getting in with the core of yourself. There is only one God or the higher power that controls everything; the fact is only that religion has given different names to it but they are all the aspect of the same god."

How has incorporating Pranic healing helped you evolve as an individual? 
I’d say it is the best thing that happened to me in my life. Going back to the time when I was able to cure my migraine; something which is beyond the explanation of allopathic medicines, can even be termed as a miracle. I can deal and heal whatever comes across me, be it my anger, stress or whenever I am sick. It has developed me as an individual who is emotionally calmer and stronger. It is a journey that is making me better day by day and creating abundance in all areas of life. By having a broader idea of how the laws of nature work, I’ve been able to apply the same to my business and other areas of life and help it foster. I was a good person then but I am definitely a better person now and in the process of becoming better each day.

They say miracles are happening around us everywhere all the time. Any incident when you felt like you made one happen?
Out of the many, the one that stands out is an incident where a fifty-year-old patient with a lot of severe health issues such as aneurysm, migraine, thyroid, diabetes, depression, who was told by her doctor that if her conditions worsen, her only exit plan would be surgery. Devastated and taken over with despair, she came to me with hope. So, when I first started her treatment, she was a bit sceptical of me because the picture she had of what a typical healer would look like- white clothes, a bit senior and unlike that there was this really young girl. Hence, for a couple of days I had to convince her to have faith and it will all work. Gradually the energy started flowing as she took it in and it eventually cured all the health conditions step by step.
With a lot of dedication and commitment on both sides, in a span of a year she was the healthiest version of herself and I was able to earn an imperishable place in her life. So yes, miracles happen! To quote Master Choa's words, "Miracles are fantastic events which utilize hidden laws of nature that most people are not aware of. Miracles do not break the laws of nature; they are actually based on them."

How do you think incorporating pranic healing can make everyday life better for someone?
Thousands of souls the world over have been benefitted by Pranic healing. It came to Nepal more than a decade ago and now we have eight Pranic healing centers in Nepal and many authorized healers.
It has helped people drastically transform their day-to-day life. Imagine having the ability within yourself to heal from all the negative encounters that come along, like sweeping away dirt from your house with a broom. It is a powerful tool to remove all the stress and any negative energy that accumulates in your body through a simple and powerful technique of healing and meditation that is about cleansing the aura and chakras to transform any situation that lower your vibrations and promote wellness and mindfulness.

When do you feel the most satisfied with yourself?
 The best side of me that comes forth when I am able to spread the divine  learnings through the  classes and get paid with appreciation and gratitude would be “the” moment of my life. When I hear stories of positive experiences after having taken my classes my heart melts and that is when I find true peace and contentment with myself, my purpose of existence gets a meaning. The reward cannot be described in words and is simply priceless.

How can people reach out to you?
They can get in touch by getting an appointment with me by writing to me at “preetiagrawal009@gmail.com. I am also available on social media both on Facebook and Instagram as Pranic Angels Nepal. You can also reach out to me via Whatsapp at +9779841147514."
Last but not the least, I would like everyone to understand that Pranic healing is the science and art of healing that applies the laws of nature for the same. You will never know it unless you have tried it and if you haven’t you are really missing out a life transforming experience. The power lies within you, to create or transform whatever you want and you are just one decision away from a completely different life!