For more than twenty years, the fitness fanatic, Kishan Singh Shahi has been competing in bodybuilding competitions in Nepal, while breaking the myth that ageing is a barrier. Every morning Kishan wakes up at dawn, and at 8 am heads for the gym where he works out for two to three hours so that he can build up his physique to the best possible condition.

As if to say ‘Age is just a number’ wasn’t validated enough already, 63-year-old, Kishan is a living, lifting proof of how it’s never too late to work out and achieve your best body shape. His abilities and his superb physique trash the myth that age can be a barrier in body building and staying fit.

A national athlete in his youth, he discovered his love for working out and embarked on his journey of body building and is remarkably still going strong.“Rather than slowing down in my sixties and feeling awful and tired all the time, I feel good. Head up, strong, I stride along the streets of Kathmandu,” Kishan says with pride. For the past twenty years, Kishan's been hitting the gym seven days a week, even helping other body builders as a trainer. When we first met, he showed off with some dips, push-ups, chest workouts and even pulled off abdominal crunches.

By the 1970s, Kishan had entered the oldest gym in Nepal, Nepal ByayamMandir, and had become fitter than ever before. He became the national boxing champion and a veteran’s athletics champion in the over-40s category. He feels that exercise is his best friend and the reason why he’s never had to visit a hospital even though he’s in his sixties. Naturally, he didn't stop there. By the time 2015 wrapped up, Kishan had won numerous medals in the 55kg category in more than 15 body building competitions in the country.

Kishan is a living legend, using body-building and intelligent exercise plans to defy the laws of ageing and still looks good. He has absolutely no plans of slowing down. “Many people even younger than me are becoming unhealthy and many of them lack both energy and strength and can no longer engage fully in life,” he says. “Body building gives me the strength and sense of confidence. I’ll always be training for as long as I live because I know working out will make me healthier than anything else.”