Not too long ago a luxurious brand meant a Japanese SUV which anyone who could afford to, bought one. Not anymore, these days a luxurious car coming down the streets of Kathmandu could be a Jaguar, Land Rover or Mercedes or even Peugeot. Talk about riding in style! The British, German and French car makers reached the pinnacle of auto-engineering and design a long time ago.

There are numerous dealers in Nepal who sell cars branding them as luxury vehicles, but in reality they are at best, good cars. However, the likes of Peugeot, Land Rover and Mercedes are nothing but luxurious rides. They have a reputation that is hard to beat when it comes to quality and efficiency. Anything they produce is of superb quality and nothing short of luxurious. After years and years of producing top quality cars, their products are some of the best in the world.

The “true” Luxury rides currently seen on the streets of Kathmandu are Land Rover Discovery, Mercedes Benz GLE 350d 4MATIC and the all new-Peugeot 3008. Watching such luxury vehicles out on the sad, uneven streets of Kathmandu valley is a pain. But they are built sturdy and with superb suspension as if ready to scream, “Bring it on!” They are ready to conquer any type of road and can meet challenges if their ability is put to the test.

Comfort inside these vehicles is out of this world. The leather seats are built ergonomically to adhere to your body shape providing you with extreme comfort. The dashboard comes equipped with state of the art navigation systems which are readily accessible and easy to use. The power these beasts provide helps you tackle any situation, anywhere and anytime. The exterior is robust and sleek and stylish. They do not compromise on quality and comfort and you basically get what you paid for. The biggest drawback for people who eye these cars is the price tag. With inflated taxation, these rides are impossibly expensive and servicing such vehicles can seriously dent your bank balance. Nonetheless, these brands are the epitome of modern luxury and people are willing to splurge their hard-earned cash to get their hands on one of these beauties.

Most vehicles sold in Nepal are mid-range due to the meager purchasing power of the middle class, but there are some wealthy customers from the corporate sector who can afford exorbitantly high priced luxury vehicles. They want that extravagance and that little “oomph” in their lifestyle. When you spend a lot of money, you do get to enjoy incredible comfort and excellent performance from your car not forgetting the proven advanced safety features. And some do bask in the glory and enjoy the exclusive pleasure of seeing heads turn as they drive by in their extraordinary machines.