Nirvana Chaudhary is the Managing Director of CG (Choudhary Group). He received his education at Doon School, India after which he attended Harrow in the UK and MIT in the US. Following in his father’s footsteps, he has carved a niche for himself in the business world of Nepal. His company recently launched a social media platform called “Bip”, which is based in Nepal. Rather than riding the waves of Digital Nepal, Nirvana Chaudhary is the person creating waves for a better digitized Nepal. In a recent interview, he discussed his missions and visions about the digital trend that he is setting in the country.

Digital platform is taking the world in a fast pace and Nepal has also taken a step forward in the binary world. He shares, “Not just Nepal but the entire world has embraced the idea of being digital. The day to day innovation, revolution and inventions are happening in the world. We are embracing them. We have a strong vision of creating a digitized Nepal, but that will only be possible when there is proper infrastructure. Infrastructure will only be right when investors and others will adapt to newer technology.”

Aspiring to be a top digital operator in the country he adds, “As a group, we feel we are undertaking our dues. Within our self, we never call ourselves a telecom operator. We are more of a digital operator. We are doing our work in terms of creating the highway, the infrastructure, the network. There are processes that go into it and as soon as the government decides to approve it, we will move forward with it immediately. We want to give smart phone access to people who are in remote areas at a reasonable cost. The data penetration is less than 50% in Nepal and we want to change that. But the transition of infrastructure, to the pricing, to the affordability, to the accessibility is very critical. We need to educate people about the power of digital world.”

With the new app launch in town, Nirvana had mentioned about Data is oil. Majority of the top 100 prestigious companies in the world are IT companies who have a strong data foothold and a strong content based application. He explains, “Content is data, customer information is data, data is the most sensitive thing in the world. Gone are the days where wars are fought with weapons, whoever controls sensitive data wins. To manage, first, the government needs to put strong regulation in terms of not letting data go across border because companies like Facebook or any other social media sites are sitting on these data’s which is being generated in Nepal. They are generating billions of dollars from data that is generating across their border. Second, companies providing IT-data led services need to have physical servers in Nepal such as “Bip”. Third, new companies who are planning to do so need to adhere by these rules and lastly we need to educate consumers on how and why data is crucial.”

Not only is he breaking new grounds and digitalizing the city, but also made his name in the hospitality business. “My younger brother Rahul looks after the hospitality vertical of our company. In a basic overview, we operate close to 100 hotels all over the world with 5 of them being in Nepal and we have plans to expand more. We also operate the recently opened Vivanta which is a brand of Taj Hotels,” adds Nirvana.

Chaudhary Group has not only made a mark in the country but has been recognized internationally. “We’re in 2019 and had made plans for 5 years in terms of what we wanted to achieve. We are reaching our goals beyond our expectations that we set in 2015. Perhaps by 2030, we see ourselves strong in the FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) field, the telecom/digital sector as well in the energy division. These core areas are where we see CG in the next 10 years or by 2030.”

Growing along side with the company, Nirvana adds, “I see myself running a professional board. Our company already has a professionally run board but I want to go beyond that and see myself run CG in a similar fashion to Tata group and Berkshire Hathaway.”

It is no surprise for everyone that Nirvana has been an inspiration to many aspiring businessmen and entrepreneurs. Perhaps without the lows in life, the highs could not be reached. With a gentle smile on his face he shares, “Take the leap forward and do not give up. They need to understand the potential of any sector they want to be in. Don’t avoid the power of partnership and collaboration. There is abundance of opportunities in the world. A sense of identity and individuality is also crucial while establishing any business. Persistence and hard work is key, there are no shortcuts. Accumulate your track records and also there is no harm in working for a company and gaining experience for your betterment. Calm down on the arrogance and support and be a part of the success story. You will also need a good network of people. Execution is key. You need to be able to execute your idea properly. And the most important of all is that you must learn to give back to the society in whatever way you can. Give back without expecting anything in return.”