TVS Jupiter Classic Review

Easy, Breezy and Classy

Jagdamba Motors, the authorized sole distributor of TVS bikes in Nepal, launched the new TVS Jupiter Classic edition, a while ago, i.e. just at the New Year of 2018. What does this scooter have to offer to the Nepali market? Living had a test ride with new TVS Jupiter Classic, and here's how it looks.

At first look, the TVS Jupiter Classic's color does really go easy on the eyes. It's called sunlit ivory, and it's neither too bright, nor too dull, which, might be the thing the company went for. Of course, the color can be called an acquired taste, as it might not be everyone's favorite. The design is in a retro-classic theme, which reminds you a little of Vespa. But, the front windshield is a nice addition to the design, really adds to the looks. The round mirrors will take some getting used to, though.

From the front, with all the nice touches, it looks quite striking. The combination of the chrome metals with the colors goes really well. The back features an external fuel-door, which means easy fuel filling. The side lights are also well protected by the steel bars. The cushioned backrest might be a good feature for the passenger too. I personally, didn't like the dual tone seat to look at, but it does make for a good grip on the seat.

The specs read of a 109.7cc engine, that deliver a maximum power of 7.88bhp @ 7500rpm and a max torque of 8Nm @ 5500rpm. Also, the fuel tank is 5 liters, which is quite normal for a scooter. The ground clearance of 150 mm isn't really something amazing, but it gets the job done. The top speed on paper is 85 km/hr. but I personally couldn't get to that with my time with the TVS Jupiter Classic. So, that remains to be seen.

With the paper specs aside, riding the scooter is very satisfactory. I found the seat ultra-comfortable, no matter how you seat – a bit on the edge or a little far back. Not only while sitting, the rear mono-shock is something that makes riding very comfortable. I'll say, if riding comfort is your top priority, then, the Jupiter Classic is the one. I found it more comfortable than my Dio (1st model), the only difficulty was with the round mirrors. The scooter also clears potholes and speed-breakers quite comfortably – you won't even feel the small bumps; which is perfect for our roads. Also, the initial pickup is quite good. You'll get from 0 to 60 km/hr. in about 11 seconds, which is good enough I'd say. I found the brake quite effective too. While riding at speeds of about 45 or so, I hit the brakes and it came to a stop in about 2 seconds. In the speeds of about 60, it took 2.80 seconds, which is quite good. With the initial pickup being easy, and clearing the bumpy roads smoothly enough, the TVS Jupiter Classic is easy and breezy!

In addition, with the TVS Jupiter being priced competitively, at Rs.189,900, it should be a great hit in the Nepali market. I'd give it full points for riding comfort, and ease of use and handling. At the price point and Nepali roads, this is one great scooter.