Mint My Designss takes wedding cards to another level. This pioneering firm takes your ideas as well as your likes and dislikes to design a card with your personal touch.

Besides all the hubhub and the planning over wedding trousseau, jewelry, venue, destination, guest lists, food, etc, there is also the matter of the wedding card. A wedding invitation is the first official declaration of your wedding; it tells your guests about the bride, groom, their families, when and where you need to be. Families have to go through the trouble of travelling, selecting, rushing around, all over and above the pressure of the big day. There are many wedding card makers who offer readymade designs, out of which you simply choose one and place the order, but that has serious limitations since they leave little room for personalization. The design is rigid, and many customers feel that their card will be identical to every other card circulating during the wedding season.

This is precisely the problem that Mint My Designss wishes to overcome. Established by two vibrant women, Aakriti Jalan Dhanawat and Priyanka Agarwal from the small industrial city of Biratnagar, Mint my Designss promises its clients a personalized experience; a wedding card designed just for them.

“The wedding card is the first messenger, the harbinger of a new-found partnership.” says co-founder, Aakriti . She sits among a variety of quaint, pretty, contemporary, modern, stylish wedding cards- bold but understated, simple, in a lavish way. “It is like a trailer of the wedding; you judge it by the colors, the way a card opens, the prints, and the writing.”

“Firstly, we need to understand the difference between a designer card and a ready-made card. A bespoke or customized wedding card is designed specifically keeping in mind your tastes and preferences,” says Priyanka. If one goes to the market, the shopkeeper will either hand you ready-to-order designs, or spread out their previous orders of cards, envelopes and gift boxes. At these shops, a few hundred cards with simple design tweaks are printed as sample pieces from which the customer has to choose. A bespoke wedding card, however, “revolves around a concept,” stresses Priyanka, “It is made for you, for your wedding.We will sit down with you and exchange ideas, give you our time and come up with something that actually makes sense to you and your family rather than just putting another check on your to-do list.”

One of their first works was inspired by home. Dhiraj’s family wanted the card to reflect Nepali culture in the “simplest way possible”. The final product was tranquil; Nepali motifs embossed on the top of the leafs; a piece of thangka painting, a golden imprint of the Swoyambhunath, a multi-storeyed pagoda and also Laliguras, Nepal’s national flower, was cleverly used as the stickers. “We were proud to represent our own home, instead of a flower or the ever-present Ganesha. It brought a sense of authenticity to the card,” recalls Aakriti.

“Often, clients have their own ideas, but do not know who to approach or how to reflect their ideas on paper,” says Priyanka. Neha, who got married last November says, “I wanted something unique, but didn’t know exactly what.” Mint my Designss presented her with flowers in lavender, violet and mauve, complete with a blind-embossed jacket. “My wedding card couldn’t have turned out better.” Priyanka further adds that since even ready cards aren’t cheap, people are opting for designer cards where they have the liberty of customizing the design; if people are going to spend, they want to spend it well. We will incorporate all the latest techniques from 3 colored foiling, embossing, letter-press, laser-cuts etc that your budget will possibly allow.”

Mint My Designss takes pride in being the pioneers of concept-based wedding card designers in Nepal. You no longer have to hunt from city-to-city or store-to-store in search of an impressive invite.

For them, it is important to listen to the client and bring in an emotional quotient, “We realize that their son or daughter’s wedding is special for them,” Says Aakriti. As Dhiraj’s father expresses, “I still look at the card with awe. My friends and relatives still message me one year later and say how beautiful the card was.” They believe, “It is one thing to have a beautifully designed card but the moment you see your ideas, your likes and dislikes put down on the card, with your personal touch to it, it becomes special. It becomes YOURS.”

Along with cards, they also conceptualize and design matching stationeries, gift/sweet boxes, gift bags, web invites, luxury gifting and packaging as well as corporate gifting and packaging options. Their eloquent color, design and splendid textures are sure to woo your guests and make them look forward to your big day with tons of excitement.

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