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With the experience of over 20 years in shoemaking business, Caliber shoe rebranded itself with the vision of crafting design and comfort in footwear stirring domestic production and manufacturing. With 6 months warranty and high-quality materials to maintain high level of durability and aesthetics, Caliber shoe is up to date with the ongoing trends and is always striving to meet the international standards and meet the multipurpose needs of its customers.

Caliber brings you an exclusive collection of functional and fashionable shoesincluding sports shoes, casual footwear, formal shoes, leather shoes, boots and many more. Get your hands on a pair of these multipurpose shoes to feel the ultimate satisfaction of wearing classy and superior quality footwear crafted understanding your need. From synthetic leather shoes to canvas and sandals, Caliber footwear comes in variety of colors and materialswith price ranges of all your preferred varieties. With a price ranging from Rs. 1750 to Rs. 4400, Caliber shoes helps you bring out your style and ideology with their affordable yet exquisite pairs helping you to become the next hot rage on the block. With a positive word of mouth from its customers both nationally and internationally, the brand aims to increase the number of outlets in the major cities of the country and start exporting their products as well.

Begin your new year with the Caliber shoes that notch up your style quotientmaking you stay cool and confident with a pride of owning a local made product. For people who prefer keeping comfort at the top, Caliber is a one-stop destination having a swell range of footwear from flats,loafers, sneakers to formal boots and lace-ups.