Valentine’s Day is a special day for couples to elevate their feeling of love and attachment in a romantic setting filled with an aura of love and celebration. For this Valentine’s Special, we went on a mission to get into the minds of couples looking forward to celebrate their togetherness this Valentine’s Day.

Ram Krishna Dhakal and Neelam Shah Dhakal

The renowned singer Ram Krishna Dhakal and his beautiful wife Neelam Shah Dhakal tied the knot about a decade ago. The couple has a beautiful daughter Rani, and the small family is living a joyful life together.

Where did you meet for the first time and what was the setting like? 

Neelam: We met at the college where I was studying.
Ram Krishna: I fell for her at first sight; I saw her in an advertisement in the Sapthahik. Right then I decided I wanted to meet her in person. With the excuse to get one of my friends admitted in the college, I went there and that’s when I met her and began our friendship. 

The cutest thing that makes you adore your partner even more?

Neelam: The babyish things he does including teasing, fighting, playing hide and seek etc. These behaviors make him truly cute. 
Ram Krishna: I blindly trust people, but it’s different with her. She takes time to learn about people before getting close to them. She prefers to stand on her ground regardless of anything and that’s what I find adorable.  

And the little annoying things?

Ram Krishna: Her reserved nature gets on my nerves at times when I need her to socialize with people.
Neelam: He easily gets close to people, even someone he met just a while ago, only to be taken advantage of by them. 

One unforgettable moment?

Neelam: The first time I held my daughter in my hands.
Ram Krishna: It’s the same one for me as well.

Any changes in the partnership before and after marriage?

Neelam: I have been receiving more gifts from him now than when we were dating; I can’t see any change apart from the gift giving. He loves me as much as he used to. 
Ram Krishna: Before marriage we had less fights and after, it’s just got a boost (Smiles). 

How are you planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Both of them: Just like preceding Valentines, this time too we will celebrate with the surprises and the exchange of favorite stuffs we relish.
One improvement you would like to see in your partner?

Neelam: He is mostly on his phone; hope he will stay less glued to the phone.
Ram Krishna: She doesn’t take proper care of important stuffs like first-aid kits and documents. If only she would cease being lethargic and keep the stuffs in the right place.

Impress your partner with a Romantic Line?

Ram Krishna: Najik Aaunu Maa Maya Laaunu Maa, Kina Hichkichi Kina Kanjusi (Why are you reluctant to be near and to express your love) 
Neelam: Always be with me.

Quick Shot 

Perfect dating spot
Her: Pokhara.

Best previous Valentine’s Day gift
A Black Dress.
Him: Daughter “Rani”.

Movie Date or Candle light dinner
Candle light dinner

Describe your partner in One Word
Caring person
Him: Good mother

Dr. Niraj Baidya & Dr. Reema Shrestha Baidya

It’s not like in the past as we used to head out for a trip during Valentine’s. Now as we are quite old to celebrate the way we used to, we just greet each other and enjoy a barbeque along with wine in the house.

Married over a decade ago, the Deputy Director of B&B Hospital, Dr. Niraj Baidya and his wife Dr. Reema Shrestha Baidya are currently living a happy married life with their two children. The beautiful couple reveal the romantic side of their story and their compassionate love life.  

How and where did you first meet?

Reema: In 1999, I met him during the time of my internship program at B&B Hospital. 
Niraj: I used to work as a medical officer at the B&B Hospital. And, I met her when she was doing her internship in the hospital.

How did you find your partner at first glance?

Niraj: I fell for her the first time I saw her. This got me to be a little smarter and later, without her knowledge I arranged for her to work under my department. (Smiles) 
Reema: I still remember the first day when a senior doctor introduced me to him. The first time we met, I looked upon him as a senior consultant and uttered the words “Namaste Doctor Saab.” 

A cute thing about your partner?

Reema: Sense of humor. To me and even at the hospital, his ability to make patients smile is truly endearing to me. 
Niraj: She cares about me - a lot. 

The annoying aspect?

Niraj: Sometimes she tries to be a little smart and tries to do things which are beyond her ability.  
Reema: He isn’t health conscious. He hardly hits the gym.

An unforgettable moment?

Reema: Once when we were heading to Nagarjun for a date, while I was riding I felt as if something had stung me. This accidentally led me to derail the car from the road into a manhole. Later with the help of others, we were able to come out safely from it. 
Niraj: Yes, it’s one of the most unforgettable moments. The incident reminds me to be careful every time I ride a car. Since that time we have never been to that place again. 

How are you planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Both of them: It’s not like in the past as we used to head out for a trip during Valentine’s. Now as we are quite old to celebrate the way we used to, we just greet each other and enjoy a barbeque along with wine in the house. 

One thing your partner needs to improve?

Reema: He needs to exercise often and be more health conscious.
Niraj: There isn’t anything she needs to improve. Love me more everyday, that is all that I need.

Any changes before and after marriage? 

Both of them: Before marriage things were lovely. We easily amended each other’s mistakes and were willing to forgive more. But after marriage, we are prone to getting annoyed by little things pretty easily and eventually get angry which can last for quite a long time.

Tell a sweet romantic line to your partner?

Niraj: I will always be there for you. From the highs to lows, you will find me there beside you, always.
Reema: All I can say is I love you.

Quick Shot

Perfect dating spot
Quiet natural romantic place 
Niraj: Any sandy beach

Best previous Valentine’s gift
Hugs & kisses 
Reema: Car 

Movie Date or Candle light dinner
Both of them:
Candle light dinner

Describe your partner in One Word
Reema: Loving

Avi Shrestha & Bina Ghale Shrestha

Avi, currently engaged in film making and Bina Ghale Shrestha, a fashion designer, first got to know each other in second grade. They were out of touch for many years after that, until a project called Modeling Agency eventually got the gorgeous pair together and this time with a promising entangled future. 

How was the feeling, meeting your school mate after a long time?

Bina: At first I felt like I had seen him somewhere but couldn’t place him. It was only later after we got to know each other better that we learnt we had been in the same class as kids.
Avi: I had the same feeling; she had a familiar face. Only later after numerous Facebook messages did things start to unravel and I came to know she had been my classmate. 

And, how did the friendship turn into a relationship?

Both of them: Actually, things geared up when we collaborated for the Modeling Agency. It was then after we got to know each other more, got us connected via Facebook, exchanged numbers and dated for four years that led to a relationship and marriage. 

A cute thing about your partner?

Avi: She loves to make moments memorable. I am not into celebrations but she eagerly does it - she buys gifts, celebrates and enlivens the whole thing. 
Bina: He is the guy to whom I can share everything, especially at times when I am frustrated. He doesn’t just try to console me but endeavors to revive my strength in a positive way. This is so cute about him.

The annoying part?

Bina: Being his wife, I know a lot about him - he is creative, passionate and hardworking. Yet, what annoys me is when he easily loses interest from the task, which ends up in rust. 
Avi: There isn’t anything about her that annoys me (Smiles) 

One unforgettable moment?

Avi: Valentine’s Day two years ago is the most unforgettable moment for me. I was astonished to learn how aptly she along with her friends had planned and placed the gifts in places like the bathroom, kitchen etc. I vividly remember how badly I wanted a remote control car when I was a kid. Later, I also received a remote control car from her among the very remarkable surprise cum gifts. 
Bina: Years ago he went to the US for the Resham Filli show and because of that we had to stay apart for quite a long time. Fortunately, there was going to be a convention in Las Vegas and taking this opportunity, I applied for a US visa but got rejected. I applied again and this time got selected and we then met in the US. Thereafter the convention, we did a whole US tour which now stays as an inedible moment of my life. 

Planning to celebrate this Valentine’s?

Both of them: Since it’s our first Valentine after marriage; we will probably go out of the valley to celebrate.

Quick Shot

Perfect dating spot
On the couch in front of the TV
Bina: Together, somewhere quiet 

Best previous Valentine’s Gift
Wedding ring
Avi: Remote control car

Movie Date or Candle light dinner
Both of them:
Movie date