Diversity has always been his thing and his experiences have been his greatest assets in his professional life. Vishal Thapa, the General Manager of Exotic Foods Nepal Pvt. Ltd., has been involved in the food, beverage and hospitality industry for more than twenty years now and in his current position for more than a year. 

During his graduation from Sydney, Australia, Vishal Thapa had a short stint at a café, and then got a job offer at the same place as manager. After working there for the next four years, he returned to Nepal and then had this desire to do something innovative here as he feels once you start working you can’t stay idle for too long. However, this was where his gulf career started, where he began at Asha’s- a world renowned restaurant franchise and again worked there for two years. He then wound up in Bahrain as a Catering Manager and this was when his career began to take off. From assisting in the set-up of The Yellow Chilli by Sanjeev Kapoor to working as a Brand Manager at Vapiano - a German restaurant franchise company, Thapa has experiences of multiple international franchises all over the world.

Talking about his experiences as the General Manager at Exotic Foods Pvt. Ltd., Thapa considers his position as a challenge here due to the new market and his work involves an all-round involvement in different sectors from operation management to business development. He says, “It’s very easy to boast that I went to the top but very difficult to maintain that status.  I would say that it’s not always about the end drive but the co-pilot also plays an important role throughout; someone who guides the path throughout and I make sure I perform my job in the best way possible. I’m from a food and beverage background and my job profile has helped me to set up this place; do a lot of technicalities.’

Talking about the future of Le Mirch, Thapa feels the best part of the restaurant is the consistency they have with their products and composition. ‘You see a lot of FnB places around the city, you go there every time, you like the food but with time, the consistency in the taste vanishes. We, here at Exotic Foods, always make sure that that consistency is maintained in all of our businesses i.e. at Le Mirch, Mango Chili and all our franchises with those sets of standards that we follow. The ingredients we use along with the quality is the factor that helps us to present our final product with the same taste and texture every time we serve,’ he adds.

He believes that people should get what they paid for after spending their hard-earned money. However, when talking about the challenges, he feels that handling all the different franchises with their own different standards is always a challenging task for him. For him, presenting is far more important than just serving and he makes sure he never fails at that. Thapa looks forward to set up his own place in future and has different concepts in mind: a mixture of all his Continental, Italian and North-Indian experiences. He considers his position at Exotic Foods as a great opportunity and thus looks forward to perform his best in the days to come.