As the wedding season rolls in, many soon to be married couples and their families face plenty of issues, a mountain of work, and unforeseen obstacles when it comes to organizing a great wedding. During this chaotic period many people tend to forget the symbolic event when the bride and groom ride a specially decorated vehicle to start their new life together. Here’s a peep into that aspect of the wedding where cars for this occasion receive special treatment for the day, turning them into floral beauties.

New florist

This florist in Tripureshwor is one of the more famous car decorators in the valley. Run by Tahal Tamang, who has an impressive twenty years of experience in the field of floriculture and has been running New Florist for about ten years now. Typically, this establishment uses a variety of exotic flowers such as roses, lily, and carnations but they also comply with the wishes of their customers who may have their own preferences when it comes to choosing flowers. The most impressive aspect of their work is the value for money they provide with their average car decorations ranging from around Rs 8000-10,000 and a minimum price of Rs 2000 if you wish to seek their services. Like most flower shops, New Florist also specializes in banquet hall and home decorations as well.

Evergreen Flower Shop

Another flower shop also based in Tripureshwor, Evergreen Flower Shop is one of the more experienced floral establishments in the capital. Run by Floriculture veteran Sarod Shrestha who has been at the helm for twenty-five years, this shop has a huge array of decorator flowers which are used to decorate cars. This is definitely one of the high end flower shops with prices starting from Rs 5000 and going as high as Rs 35,000 for wedding car decorations, but they are known to always deliver when it comes to quality. They also take on the task of decorating wedding halls as well. They typically receive most wedding car orders during the months of Falgun, Mangsir and Baisakh.

Women in Floriculture

Located in Kamaladi, where there is fierce competition amongst the many florists in a small locality, Women in Floriculture is by far the most experienced establishment on the directory. They boast an impressive thirty years of experience in the flower business. Run by veteran Sabanam Shrestha, this shop most commonly uses flowers like roses and godawari to decorate cars but claim that most customers prefer an assortment of roses above others. Their services start from Rs 3000 with no upper boundary and also decorate mandaps, homes and party venues.

Iris Flower Shop

Yet another flower business practicing this trade in the crowded area of Kamaladi, Iris Flower Shop is comparatively one of the newer establishments based solely on experience. Run by floriculturist Bishnu Sharma, who has been running this shop for around eleven years and like most shops mentioned on the list, uses all the conventional flower assortments but with cloth lining for better visual appeal. Prices start at around Rs 2000 going up to Rs 25,000, the latter promising a beautiful garden and an elaborate stage justifying the heavy price tag. They may be new in the business but receive frequent orders and also cater to banquet hall decorations as well.

Clover Wif

Another notable florist competing alongside the other flower shops in the Kamaladi area, Clover wif is definitely one of the most publicized flower businesses in the valley, with an active website as well as a facebook page that has received positive reviews. This shop boasts a decorator team led by Shweta and was established in 1998. However along with car decorations, they most notably serve as wedding consultants, organizing and decorating events as well as doing professional photography to capture those special moments. They have decorative experiences in some of the upscale establishments in town such as Heritage Garden and Hotel Shanker.