@shiseka and @dressmandu
Fashion is about audaciously coming up with something new and fresh and presenting it in such a way that should show your boldness as well as how you flaunt the outfit in your own style. Fashion is not always about shadowing or entailing the present trends. Of course it is okay to be updated with Fashion trend and it is genuine to desire to get one of them. But I would say that you are a Posh if you happen to blend the trends with your own creation of style. 
So who actually sets these style trends and rules? Luxurious brands and celebrities are the answers we most commonly get. But if we are passionate, we can reset the fashion rules or trends that will lead the way to the fashion industry. In the context of Nepal, as the years passed by, people are more engaged in the fashion field. As Nepal’s fashion industry is emerging, people are getting to know as well as explore fashion trends. It is evident that the Nepalese are overwhelmed to follow the trends with their own sense of style that has developed Fashion bloggers, stylists, enthusiast, etc. Designer “Prabal Gurung” is an excellent example to get inspiration from as we can see how creatively he designs outfits representing cultural costumes belonging specially to Gurungs in the runaway. Another two sophisticated daughters of Nepal “Arpana Rayamaji” and “Varsha Thapa” are in a run to symbolize our culture in foreign countries through their own way of styling Nepali ornaments and costumes. 
Therefore, my supreme motive is to make known that if we challenge ourselves to come out of our comfort zone, dare to create a Fashion including our own cultural ensemble through which we can support our local businesses; so that people around the globe would know the richness of Nepal. Our name being marked in the world’s fashion industry is something I dream to see getting fulfilled as a fashion entrepreneur. As the action speaks louder than words, I have created few looks by fusing it with my own style and by keeping in mind today’s trends.

My first look is inspired by my own Kirat culture. On my ears you can see the yarlings. The bottom, which looks like a drape skirt, is a’gunyo’. I have modified it to make it look like a maxi skirt patterned with polka dots, a highly trending print at the moment. With the summer of 2018 came the trend of color rosy pink. So, for my look, I had paired the gunyo with an oversized rosy pink denim jacket and used white sneakers to contrast with the polka dots.

We can see Fanny packs and belt bags all over the streets, Instagram blogs and online shops. I have styled my black fanny pack with a cholo which is made from the Dhaka fabric. It is one of the most popular fabrics worn by all of the castes in Nepal. I have matched it with a high-waisted mom jeans, using retro sunglasses to complete my look. 
3 For casual wear, youths like me mostly choose to wear basics like checkered shirts or flannels. I styled my most go look which is a shirt, shorts and converse shoes with a coin statement necklace that belongs to the Thakali culture. I also wore my coin ring to match it with the necklace.
4 My last and most stylish look is with a pair of lachhas. Simply just tie your hair with those and trust me you will look posh. Don’t forget to flaunt it with confidence. I wore a deep V neckline cotton top that has flared sleeves which is another trending item that can be seen last year of time till now. The rose gold sunglasses are perfect for Summer.