Knowing what it takes to lead a business start-up and catch up with the pace of the forever expanding business world from a young entrepreneur’s view.

Ameera Bajracharya and Sumit Bajracharya are two young, ardent and devoted entrepreneurs and their new jewelry store at the Narayani Complex reflects their hard work and commitment.  Menak Jewelry was opened a year ago by the duo at the complex in Pulchowk. Within a year the siblings have done remarkably well to establish themselves in the jewelry business hub. Although the store focuses on gold and diamond ornaments, they also specialize in jewelry made from silver and semi-precious stones. They plan to introduce more precious and semi-precious stone works in their collection. Their array of jewelry radiates an exquisite fusion of tradition with style, timeless elegance and excellent craftsmanship.
Ameera Bajracharya stepped aside to give us an insight into the mega business world that she and her sibling have entered and the inspiration behind their venture.

Did you know right from the very beginning that you would be venturing into a jewelry business of your own in future like your father?
Well, it’s not only my father but jewelry business runs down from six generations in my family. Though opening Menak and that too as an independent one from my family store was not something that had been planned from a long time but somewhere deep inside, I always knew this was what I would venture into. As a child, I would always be fascinated by jewelry of vivid designs. Belonging to a joint family, I would keenly look forward to getting new jewelry as a birthday gift from my grandparents, parents, uncles and aunties. This used to be one hell of an exciting thing for me.

What is your major? Have you attended or planning to attend some kind of course or training that will help you in your business?
I’ve done BBA and currently doing my Masters in Marketing. Apart from this, I’m taking a course in precious and semi-precious stones. I have great interest in learning and working with stones. As you can see, in my store I have a lot of precious and semi-precious stone jewelry. I am planning to take up jewelry designing after my MBA.

Do you also design jewelry on your own?
Yes, I like to design and customize jewelry on my own and sometimes they turn out so beautiful that I get dazzled by my own work. It is so much fun and enticing at the same time.

From where do you bring your jewelry and stones?
We import them from a lot of places, both in and out of Nepal.  I have an uncle who customizes and supplies them to my shop. We order some precious stones from the authorized suppliers in Jaipur mainly on special orders.

Who is your biggest inspiration for this entrepreneurship?
I take inspiration from every person or thing in any possible way but I would say my father is my biggest inspiration for this. Before opening Menak, I worked under him in his store for about six months and he trained me very well. He is the person I look up to when I’m uncertain about something. He is always there to guide me through anything and everything about business and entrepreneurship. 

Have you had a difference of opinion with your father in the business due to the generation gap? 
Yes, there are instances where our opinions don’t match. Actually my father likes to keep things traditional with business. He believes more in the fact that people will be drawn to your store with time and growth in reputation. I do agree with that but the competition these days is tough so you have to apply methods to meet the pace. There are a lot of jewelry brands emerging, so I believe some marketing strategies and plans need to be implemented in order to expand your business.

Have you learned something from this year old business, apart from the things you learned at school?
The things I learned in the past one year are more than any learning I’ve ever had in school or college. The practical learning that I experienced is beyond any books or theoretical classes. It has taught me a lot.