Praveen Rana Magar, a fitness Guru at Gymkhana, Maharajgunj believes that fitness is a very important part of one’s lifestyle, not only for one’s physical appearance, but also for a happy mental state of health. Rana Magar talks to Ishaan Rijal, delving into his perception of a fit lifestyle. Excerpts from a recent interview with the fitness Guru:

  1. How did you start with fitness?

My journey with fitness started with me getting myself to the gym and working out. I have been working out for around 10 to12 years. However, my journey as a fitness instructor started when I started training British army trainees (Laure). I made them do some running as well as physical fitness exercises. This is what helped me reach where I am today as a fitness instructor and also as a person.

  1. What would you say is your specialty?

I would say my specialty in terms of fitness would be functional fitness. By that I mean workouts that come in use in our day to day life. By day to day use I mean lifting, jumping and running. I make sure we always focus on three important aspects of fitness which are: weight lifting, gymnastics and cardio. Overall, we mainly focus on cross fit workouts for our clients.

  1. What are your qualifications?

I am a level 1 cross fit trainer. This means that I am certified to teach exercises that are constantly varied and involve high intensity functional movements of the body. This also allows me to teach functional movements, which are also considered compound movements that include multi-joint activities.”

  1. How do you assess new clients?

We have a very important assessment method that we use. We make sure we know everything about our clients before making them do any type of physical activity. So we start by looking at their strengths and balance. After that we look at our client’s fitness background and their past injuries. This informs us of things that we should avoid with our clients as well. Then ultimately we look at their lifestyle and emotional status. We need to know how motivated they really are before starting any type of physical training.

  1. What advice would you give people about a proper diet?

My idea of a proper diet is very simple. I would like to tell everyone not eat factory packed foods. If something has to be proven that it is a food item, then it is not food. That is my only advice and I would say it’s the best advice. Try to avoid all processed food and eat foods that are natural.

  1. How do you track your personal as well as your client’s fitness goals?

I make sure I check performance the most. We have a points system, so we keep checking the points and scores to see how much improvement there really is. We have these performance checks every eight weeks, so every two months we make sure we check all the points and scores and see if there is an increase in performance. I do the same thing even for myself. I make sure that my performance has increased every two months.

  1. How do you encourage clients to do more and put in more effort?

I believe that it is part of your lifestyle. It is something that can be changed within two or three days. I also tell my clients that they should be motivated. Motivation comes from within oneself and is key to a successful fitness transformation. It is also a routine that needs to be maintained on a daily basis. Ultimately, I would tell my clients to not rush anything, be patient and enjoy the journey.