Workout takes dedication, perspiration and determination. Want an hour glass figure or a toned, muscular body? stop munching on chips and fries `cause it's time to hit the gym! Four fit personalities share their fitness mantra so you can follow in their footsteps.

Muna Gauchan: Winner of the face of Classic Diamond 2017, Muna Gauchan started her modeling career at the age of 16. She has also participated in numerous beauty pageants and has walked for many renowned designers of the country. What makes Gauchan have a ramp-ready body?

Dipendra Maharjan: Dipendra Maharjan  was able to bag the title of Mr. Gallant in Man Hunt 2016 and be among the top 10 finalist the same year. Fitness and modeling go hand in hand for Maharjan as he believes that his well-toned physique has helped him walk with confidence and taught him perseverance to get on with his everyday workout routine.

Anuj Maskey: Having won many accolades, where he was able to win the titles of Best Physique and Mr. Photogenic in Man Hunt 2016, Anuj Maskey follows his intense workout regime with dedication and discipline. Maskey is currently working as a Sales Manager at Civil Mall and is still up for taking part in body building competitions.

Lumanti Shakya: A hospitality consultant and art curator and distributor by profession, Lumanti Shakya takes modeling as her hobby. Her definition of being fit is ‘feeling good under one’s own skin and living stress free’. She likes to keep her fitness regimen simple and eat healthy to cut out the extra calories.