Like they say—a movie is never as good as the book it’s based on. The plot holes, the missing lines, the drama, there’s so much you miss out on if you just watch a movie instead of reading the book. 2017 has a number of good movie adaptations of some great books in store for you. Here’s a list of must-reads, so you don’t miss out on every little detail; go on and grab them before they’re swept clean off the shelves!

Before I fall (by Lauren Oliver)
In theaters, March 3

Samantha Kingston has everything your high school self ever dreamed about—a dashing crush-worthy boyfriend, amazing friends, a first pick at everything. A day she expected to turn out like any other, turned out to be her last.

This young adult book by Lauren Oliver follows the protagonist as she relives her last day over and over again for a miraculous week, making slight changes each day, with each change leading to a completely different consequence. The story revolves around Sam as she tries to figure out the mystery surrounding her death and finds the value of everything she is in danger of losing.

Wonder by (R. J. Palacio)
In theaters, April 7

It’s hard to fit into a new place, isn’t it? For August (Auggie) Pullman, this was even harder. Auggie was born with a facial deformity, which prevented him from going to a mainstream school until fifth grade. The story is about how Auggie tries to convince his classmates that he is just like them, regardless of appearances. Although the story is set in a narrative perspective, the author R. J. Palacio incorporates the voices of his family members and classmates, expanding the range of views on how his arrival at school not only affects him, but everyone else as well. “Wonder” is a warm, uplifting story about the boy’s relationship with his parents and how they learn and grow together.

Everything, Everything (by Nicola Yoon)
In theaters, May 19

Maddy Whittier is allergic to everything—yes, everything. For all the seventeen years of her life, she had been confined between the walls of her house and the only people she ever met up close were her mom and her nurse. She is content enough until she sees a moving truck arrive next door. A boy with eyes the colour of the Atlantic, dressed in all black, moves in, and she has a new next-door neighbour. She is certain that she’s going to fall in love with him, and also that it is going to be a disaster. Their complicated romance showcases what we do for love, and to what extent, sometimes even going out of our shell to do something that defies death.

IT (by Stephen King)
In theaters, September 8

Stephen King welcomes you to Derry, Maine, a name too familiar among the author’s readers, where it was the children who saw and felt what made Derry horribly different. Seven teens confront an evil spirit, a nightmare without a name—IT. IT lurked around, went about seizing, tearing, killing, taking the shape of every nightmare, and each one’s deepest, most dreaded fear. Twenty-eight years later, seven adults return to Derry, to keep a promise that they made as teens, to return if IT reappeared. They battled the monster as teens, when it preyed on the city’s children. Now IT is back, children are being murdered again, and their repressed memories of that horrible summer return as they prepare to battle the evil creature lurking in Derry’s sewers.

Murder on the Orient Express (by Agatha Christie)
In theaters, November 22

Just after midnight, a snowdrift stopped the Orient Express in its tracks. The train was surprisingly full for that time of the year. Come morning, there is one less passenger. He was murdered in his compartment, stabbed multiple times, with his door locked from the inside. With a train full of passengers, the murderer could be anyone. He could strike again. Isolated, and with a killer in the midst, detective Hercule Poirot  decides to take matters into his own hands, before the murderer decides to continue the killing spree. Readers will follow the Belgian detective, Poirot along his mission to identify the killer, and uses his power of observation to capture every little clue, all of which fit like puzzle pieces. With cliff-hangers and spine tickling suspense, you’ll be kept turning page after page all day!