“When I was a young boy, and watched films in theaters, I could never get connected to heroes that fought ten men at a time, but was immediately a romantic,” says Daya Hang Rai, three-time national award winning actor, whose stature is average, whose outlook matches that of a commoner. He adds, “Maybe that’s why I paved a path for myself where I detached myself from fantasy and yanked imagery out of reality.” 

“Heroes are gods. They cannot do anything wrong. Whatever they do is an exemplary grandeur,” elaborates Rai, “but that’s not how people are, and that’s not what society is. An actor is a reflection of society. I will not say that portrayal of heroes is wrong, but for an actor to immediately set a mood in the audience’s mindset, a character is important.”

Rai takes his own route, “I have refrained from doing certain things believing that my fans would be overwhelmed by them. But I have to take a high road here and emphasize that actors need to be honest. A person’s honesty can duly stamp his place in the history of our cinema. If style works, then let an actor become an icon. If body and looks works, then let an actor become a role model. Whatever an actor is, he needs to be honest. That’s all there is!”