I feel that Nepal is a complex nation and Nepalis more complex.  I fail to comprehend our socio psychological set-up and am amazed at the resilience (?) endurance (?)  of my fellow citizens. The behavioral pattern of Nepalis should definitely be taken up as a subject of serious research and studied by the world’s prestigious research centers. 

The year 2015 was filled with natural and human-made disasters impacting our lives like never before.  We deserve a pat on our backs for our endurance during and after the earthquake. But we deserve a kick in the butt for our response to the ongoing political disaster!

It is infuriating to see how we have become so ‘adaptable’ come what may. No fuel no problem, we will run our cars on petrol priced 350 to 500 per liter. No gas, no problem – we are willing to pay 4,000/- Rupees for half a cylinder and 8,000/- for a full one. Or we have induction cookers - never mind the frequent load-shedding or the extra load we’re adding to the already insufficient power supply. We are willing to rotate our cooking and eating time table around it. What about those who cannot afford the above. They are willing to hang onto and ride atop public vehicles putting their lives at risk. And yes Nepalis can always survive on their favorite staple diet, Wai Wai (BTW any instant noodle is Wai Wai). 

Nepal is a newly formed ‘democratic republic ‘ and according to the definition of such a state, every citizen has the right to basic necessities and to earn a decent livelihood. But even when our government has failed in every aspect, we the citizens do not dare oust them, leave alone raise our voices or act jointly. It is proven that Nepalis do not have the ability to lead, for they are not equipped with the capacity to handle power and position. We, the majority of the population have allowed the worst of the lot to decide our fate. We are silent spectators to their limitless greed, irresponsibility, stupidity and shamelessness! 

We Nepalis are a species who love our comfort zone. As long as we have enough for ourselves and our immediate families we are OK. Aren’t we similar to the dodo bird which used to bury its head under the sand and feel that as long as it couldn’t see things around it, it was safe, forgetting that its whole body was exposed?  The dodo is extinct now and at this rate, we can rest assured that we will follow suit. 

Day after day we get to hear of heinous acts connected to the Madhesh agitation; burning of ambulances and medicine, destruction of public property, horrific killings and torture, extortion. Yes, the Madhesi people may have some important issues that need addressing but no reason is enough or justifiable to validate these violent and inhuman acts. The biggest instigator and the one fueling this whole scenario is no doubt our ‘great’ neighbor down south. Unfortunately we do not have any politician or minister smart enough to tackle their dirty politicking and the insatiable need to control and corrupt our people.  Oh Yes, even in the midst of this entire malady, one popular and well known Nepali political ‘event’ -Nepal Bandh did not fail to take place. (Either the political goons responsible for the act are plain stupid or they received a ‘hefty sum’ for adding to the chaos).

The current situation has to be resolved! At the moment we are only an inch away from being officially declared a failed state. I’ve observed many posts on face book and twitter asking, ‘Till when - is this situation continuing?’ Isn’t the answer clear? Till we stop putting up with such autocracies! Till we learn and dare to stand up for ourselves, express ourselves and most importantly come together as one voice and strength or as long as we are content to stay within our cocoons. Till then we have no choice but to put up with whatever is thrown our way. 

We claim that we belong to the clan of the brave Gurkhas whose praises are sung even today. We claim that ‘Buddha was born in Nepal’. We claim that we are rich in natural and cultural resources. We boast of the world’s highest mountain being in Nepal. So what? What have we done currently that we can be proud of? What have we done to carry on the legacy? What are we doing to ensure a better future for our young ones? Do we have the right to claim that we are descendants of the brave? Do we have the right to claim Buddha? Have we followed or even understood his doctrine? Is being rich in natural, cultural heritage and hosting the highest mountain in our land enough? Let’s face it - the fact is we are a bunch of cowered, desolate, de-motivated and inactive lot.  Do we have the reason or the right to still be - proud to be a Nepali?