There are fancy Juttis hung around the market place everywhere, but whether the quality of these locally made juttis is satisfactory is questionable.  These traditional chappals are not really for regular use but are normally worn on traditional occasions. And most women these days are more interested in heels, boots or flats. However, as the elegant and gorgeous Jaipuri Juttis have entered the Nepali market, let’s take a closer look.

These Juttis come with finely finished handmade embroideries and they’re comfortable too. Moreover, they are made by Cordwainers in India and customized by Samin…., who also works as a Link Manager at Nepal Skin Care center. With her dream of doing something of her own pushed by her love for Juttis, Samin came up with the idea of starting her own business in Nepal. Jaipuri Juttis was the answer to her dreams.

Recently, she is running an instagram page named squeeze_freshapparel. As you scroll through her page, every design will bring a big smile to your face. You will notice that they are cleverly made to complement your traditional dresses or even your pair of jeans. Every pair of jutti has a different name depending on the way it has been designed. And the great thing about them is that the sole is padded with cushions which will protect you from foot strain. Samin also presented us with four special pairs from her collection called Silver Lining, Floral Petal, Bride and Blossom Pink.

This initiative of bringing a totally different concept of footwear into the Nepali market has found her some happy customers and she looks forward to adding more to the lifestyle sector of Nepal.