At  the top of the mystical hills of Dhulikhel, lies Sojourn Himalaya Resort. A relatively new establishment which started in 2015, the resort provides quality accommodation, adventure activities, hygienic food and a trip to remember. Sojourn Himalaya lies at the highest point surrounded by lush green trees and spectacular views. 

Managing Director of Sojourn Himalaya, Upendra Lamichhane with his young and driven team started the resort with the goal to become one of the best resorts in Dhulikhel. He entered the hospitality industry working for a top line resort in Nagarkot, with a vision set upon starting his own hotel in Dhulikhel. His educational background also helped him enter the hospitality business with a Bachelor’s degree from Sanker Dev College and T&T degree from Seabird International, Bhaktapur. Roshan Khadka, his right hand man manages and supervises all the activities of the hotel. He has a background in T&T and a degree from Cyprus. Together, this dynamic duo is striving to provide a wonderful experience to their guests.

When asked “What is the main goal for you to come into the hospitality business? Lamichhane replies, “Tourism is a product and every product has its own goal. I wish to add adventure into a guest’s basic stay.” As typically hotels and resorts in Dhulikhel go with the same motto of sunset and sunrise views, Upendra plans to bring adventurous activities to the basic idea of a mini vacation.  Sojourn Himalaya has fun and adventurous activities such as horse riding, and beautiful horses at that. The resort also provides hiking (Sojourn Himalaya  - Kali Mandir - Kavre Bhanjyang -Sojourn Himalaya ), bonfires and cultural shows. The plan is to add cycling in the near future.

Sojourn Himalaya has also focused on conferences and TOT ( Training of Trainers ) with a maximum of 30+ participants and 5+ trainers. A conference package is listed in their website, and the conference hall is well equipped with all technical requirements fulfilled and has a capacity of 30+ individuals. The conference hall was built with TOT in mind and to provide a new experience for businesses by organizing a vacation-like conference where the participants can work and also have a fun little vacation enjoying adventurous activities and be free from everyday city strife. Just 31 km away from the capital, businesses and companies can organize business meets, company vacations, workshops, conferences, seminars and meetings at Sojourn Himalaya. 

Although brief my stay at Sojourn Himalaya was a wonderful experience. The rooms are spacious, well appointed and provided with a TV console with the added bonus of an amazing view. Amazingly every room has an open horizon view with no obstructions and not many hotels in Dhulikhel can boast of that. So make sure to check your compass before getting a room; depending on whether you are a sunrise or a sunset type of person. The hotel has triple rooms, double beds and a twin bed, which means it’s not just for couples, but friends, colleagues and budget conscious guests as well. 

The staff is polite, disciplined and very friendly; the ambience of the hotel speaks of comfort and coziness with warm lights, a cool breeze and silence which you just cannot find in the city. The food is always fresh, hygienic and the menu changed every day. The only down side was the bugs. The fact that it’s in the middle of a landscape full of trees and greenery, there are bound to be plenty of bugs around and they somehow make it into the room. I would advise closing all vents and not opening the window nets at night and keeping the lighting to a minimum and you’ll be fine. 


Sojourn Himalaya has established itself as a prime go to getaway for accommodation in Dhulikhel with a Certificate of Excellence form Tripadvisor.  You can visit their website for reservations or call them. 

Sojurn Himlaya Resort 



For Reservation :+977-11-490872