To reconnect with fun moments from the past is a highlight of every guy’s social calendar. Guys look for various ways to strengthen their male bonding: it can either be by hitting the clubs sans girlfriends, throwing a party at a bar once a week or just looking forward to a guy’s night. But why keep the fun limited to just a guys’ night? Here are some of the best bromance destinations to head for:

Las Vegas
The ‘holy grail’ of a boy’s vacation experience, Las Vegas, also known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, is the ultimate trip which can provide everything a man can dream of, ranging from gambling, sports, strip clubs, hotels, and the iconic strip. There are many different ways to get to the city, but the most convenient is to fly to the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. If you have booked a hotel prior to coming, you are entitled to a free shuttle to your hotel. From ultimate pool parties at the famous Hard Rock Hotel & Casino to concerts to the world’s best cuisine, Las Vegas has it all. Whether it’s from hitting it big betting everything you got on red, hopping from club to club or living a king-sized life in an opulent hotel, you’ll want to remember every bit of this adventure with your pals. Drinking at the “Eye Candy Sound Bar”, playing a round of golf, having fun at “Lagasse’s Stadium at the Palazzo Hotel” are the basic activities in Vegas. Perhaps the experience can be best summed up by the famous line, “WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS, STAYS IN VEGAS.”

Miami beach, Florida
With its enthralling oceanfront, breathtaking food and 24- hour club scene, Miami’s south beach has all the fixes of a great bro- cation. If you decide to go by air, there are plenty of daily flights that will drop you off at Miami International Airport.. However, if you choose to travel by sea then “The Miami Port” is your destination which can be reached by cargo ships and cruiser ships which are full of entertainment all the way. Sunbathing can be your pastime while out at the beach if you are not too keen on hitting the waters. In fact, Miami’s sun-kissed beaches can give you a  flawless tan. Miami Beach is geared to fulfill all your desires. The strip clubs in Miami are for guys who like their girls as thick as their bankroll. “Tootsie’s Cabaret”, a mega adult club featuring full nudity and no. 1 strip club in Miami, can leave the uninitiated dumbstruck. “The Office” has a mind blowing underground hip-hop scene, “King of Diamonds”has a mechanical bull which is loved by tons of celebs to blow their monetary burden on and “Coco’s Nightclub “which is said to have the ripest flesh in town. One can get captivated by the dancers at “Story”, get baked with the bikini-cuties at “Nikki’s Beach “and enjoy the luxury of “LIV”.

From taking the Canopy Tour, petting a few cubs to partying the night away, Jo’Burg caters to everyone’s taste. The best watering holes are in Melville, Norwood and Rivonia. If you decide to go by air then the prefered destination should be “The Tambo International Airport” from where you take a taxi or the Metro rail to Jo’Burg. One of the more popular bars in the area is Catz Pajamas which is open 24 hours. The clubbing scene in Johannesburg is quite diverse as well. If you are ready to splurge, then the Monsoon Lagoon at the Emperor’s Palace Casino in Kempton Park would be ideal. Extravagant décor and a giant dance floor aside, the amazing sound and lighting equipment of the club recreates volcanoes, avalanches and at times, the famous bubble parties of Ibiza with bubbles, artificial snow and water mist and as if that isn’t enough, there are professional dancers that perform at the club every night. For live performances, try your luck at the Roxy Rhythm Bar or head to Cool Runnings to laugh your head off at the stand-up comedy shows.

What is a bromance getaway without an adrenaline- pumping show? And that’s what you get in Winston- Salem. Prominent as one of the biggest and most enthralling sports to hit the U.S., car racing entices crazy fans filled with zeal to the sidelines as the drivers come in hard and fast, bumping, banging, swerving and barely avoiding accidents with off-the-wall driving techniques. The “Mad House” lives up to its name with crazy races and provides the same to the adventure loving folks at the Bowman Gray Stadium. It is pure entertainment as you find yourself pretty close to the action with the energetic crowd as cars tear into each other and spin out of control giving the onlookers goosebumps. If one decides to reach here by plane, the destination is “The Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO)” which is only 25 minutes from downtown Winston- Salem


Those who have seen the Bollywood movie “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” understand pretty well why Spain is a bromance destination. Spain combines everything a guy could desire from beaches to all manner of adventure. The beaches along the coastline of Barcelona are the best places to relax and get away from mundane activities. After sipping mojitos through the day, head out to find the best restaurants in Spain.
The options are unlimited. Barcelona is impossible to capture in one vacation, but you do all you can with your pals in tow. Two things which can be found in everyone’s bucket list are scuba diving and sky diving. You can tick both of these at Costa Bravia and Lilo respectively. How can one miss the most iconic and exhilarating festivals of Spain – Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls. A dangerous sport, so you can be a part of this event by seeing it from a safe distance.