Somewhere in the middle of chaotic Thamel is a serene place where you can enjoy a meal with that special person, but the place is equally suitable for hanging out with your friends.

Electric Pagoda is an establishment that has been around for about eleven years, and is quite well known. With its cool ambience combined with great food, it is popular with tourists and locals alike. It is a place that can quite easily be missed by new comers, but for others, it is already one of the go-to fine dining eateries.

Enter the restaurant, and the ambience, lighting and seating arrangements immediately make you feel like, ‘This is where I want to bring my partner’. The shady trees and the soothing music in the background enhance the tranquility of the place even further. And with the bar right on the outside, you can enjoy a drink in the cool breeze when the season is right.

The menu is comprised mostly of Continental, Asian and Nepali delicacies. Yes, some of them can be overwhelming to look at. The collection of wines and other drinks are equally impressive. After looking at the menu we opted for two main courses instead of a regular three course meal. First to arrive was the Beef Medallion, a dish with Grilled Beef tenderloin and mashed potato seasoned with roasted garlic and mushrooms, topped with parsley and gravy with steamed vegetables on the side. The mashed potatoes seem a bit bland, but try it with the tangy sauce, and it’ll hit the right spots on your taste buds. The beef is a bit chewy too, but every bite is worth the effort. A strong meaty dish with bland mashed potatoes and tangy sauce is something that doesn’t electrify your taste buds but it has a decent taste.

Next to arrive was the Parsley Chicken Supreme. And yes, it did have a supreme quality to it. It consists of grilled chicken breast marinated with a special blend of herbs and parsley, half-fried rice topped with two different kinds of mushroom, mustard sauce and American Karnel Corn, along with steamed vegetables on the side. You can smell the mixed herbs right away. The chicken is what you dive into first, because… It is very tender and almost melts in your mouth…almost. Good thing it doesn’t, because you’d like to savor the flavor as you bite into it. The steam-fried rice with American Karnel corn and mushrooms with brown sauce is pretty filling. Take a bite of it all together and it feels like a continental biryani of sorts. It didn’t take long to finish it.

The steamed vegetables on the side do make for a good side salad! They also have some tempting desserts in the menu, but after two main courses, the phrase “There’s always room for dessert” doesn’t sound right.

Electric Pagoda is a premium place for fine dining and often filled with tourist couples enjoying a romantic candlelight dinner while live music fills the air most days. With that ambience, great food, and music, this is certainly where you’d want to be with your loved one.