Based on the principle of love and compassion to all living beings, Loving Heart Vegan Restaurant is the first vegan restaurant in Nepal run by the Nepalese vegan group. Understanding the need of pure vegan food in town, the restaurant aims to establish the humanly traits of kindness and love to people and animals into the society. Located at Z-Street, Kumari Marg, Thamel, the restaurant looks forward to cater to the vegan way of life.

Mushroom Stick

The popularity of stick food among the youth and the locals stems from the accessibility and the easy on the pocket price and now the availability of the mushroom sticks in a vegan restaurant seems to bring a new hype among the stick food eaters. Mushroom, no doubt makes any food seem healthier, and for all the vegans out there, the rich and chewy texture of mushroom sticks here will be an ultimate choice providing a meaty texture and earthy, umami (deeply savory) flavor.


Seitan Sadeko

Seitan is what vegan dreams (I mean meats) are made of!While most people seem to be familiar with tofu as one of the longest-standing meat alternatives, many people don’t realize that seitan has also been a common meat substitute for more than a thousand years!Made with gluten-deep fried and mixed with spices in Nepalese style, the Seitan Sadeko here can fool even the most devoted meat-eaters.It gives you that "beef jerky" style protein boost and the Seitan Sadeko here should be your best choice if you are craving for a heavier, denser protein with a Nepali touch.


Oreo Shake

Blend it and drink it!This dairy free and vegan Oreo milkshake is a wonderful treat. You won’t feel like you’re missing out with this delectable shake here at Loving Heart Vegan. With dairy, tree nuts, peanuts and otherallergens, the risk of cross contamination is high and this is where the need of vegan Oreo shake arises. It’s all natural, refined sugar free, high protein, high fiber, and gluten free.










With the Mediterranean flavors such as deep-fried chickpea, onion, garlic, corianders combinedto make a dough and then served with chapati and homemade peanut sauce, theseare crispy externally with a simple and a touch a garlicky flavor. These savory vegan nuggets are not only super healthy, but are also protein-packed and tasty at the same time. Once you try this vegan falafel recipe you’ll never want to use the box mixes again.