Located down a side street just off Tridevi Marg, West of the Main Thamel Chowk, this place is a must eat in Thamel. A popular, Israeli-run café serving great Middle Eastern food and lots of thirst-quenching beverages, OR2K is a joint, decked up with the classy interiors that remind you of the 70’s and 80’s with the spacious, second-floor interior which is packed with backpackers, sitting on cushions on the floor.

OR2K COMBO Platter:

It’s a mixed platter of Hummus – made from chickpea, Tahini – White Sesame paste, Labane – Sourcream cheese, Matbucha – Cooked spicy tomato sauce, Falafel balls- deep fried garbanzo balls and Israeli salad which is served with naan and focaccia bread. The café also provides a vegan option for this dish. Big enough for two people to share, it’s a worth price. The crispy falafel when dipped with tahini and paired with fresh salad acts as a perfect dish one can search for.

Buddha Bowl:

Served with red rice, cherry tomatoes, roasted capsicum in vinegar, grilled pumpkin fresh greenblack olives, carrots, broccoli, garlic bread, altogether served with honey mustard dressing and three pieces offalafel balls (deep fried garbanzo balls) on the side of tahini (sesame paste) or extra avocado, Buddha Bowl is incredibly satisfying as well as healthy packed with savory and sweet flavor with a subtle spicy taste in it. Also available with the vegan option, the best thing about a good Buddha Bowl is that they balance the macro-nutrients of fat, protein, carbs and can be made vegan very easily or made delicious with your favorite animal protein.



Smoothie Bowls:

If you struggle with trying to find time to make a healthier breakfast or lunch, have no fear!This bowl of smoothie elaborately decorated with spinach, apple banana smoothie, topped with muesli, chia seeds and flax seeds,raisins, coconut flakes and apple slice,is totally vegan and takes just a few minutes to whip this healthy breakfast bowl and start your day off right. It might be a situation of mind over matter, but when you sit down with this beautifully mixed bowl of blended goodness, you just feel like it’s breakfast.

Mint lemonade:

The ultimate summer quencher, lemonade is relaxing as it is, but can be well lightened with sparkling water and fresh mint. All you get is a nonalcoholic punch similar to a mojito. The healthiest as well as one of the special drinks of OR2K, the mint lemonade is made with mint, ice, sugar andlemon.Intense with flavor, extra frothy, and extremely refreshing, the drink can be your savior in the extremely hot days.