Exuberantly intoxicating, divine smell of fragrances put you in a trance while lying down in the massage room. There is something so soothing about a spa. You completely immerse yourself in its universe of soft cushions, soft hands and fluffy quilts. I am an occasional spa person. If I have time I love the idea of being taken care of – a relaxing massage to bust those tough knots on the shoulders and soft hands caressing my face. It was one of those normal afternoons; it had rained in the 

morning and the city looked refreshing.  The fresh breeze and the beaming sunlight shone right into my eyes. Singing birds, honking horns were the music in my ears; I could hear my watch ticking and I told myself I couldn’t be late for my exciting appointment. I was welcomed with some herbal tea and was escorted to my treatments. I just couldn’t hold back – the idea of getting pampered all day. I could smell the fragrance of the room from afar. Dim lights and a soothing hymn filled the room and the aroma flew by me like a shooting star. Wrapped up in a soft robe, I laid down to get my facial massage. Whether body or face, massages excite me. It helps you lose your senses and you are completely wrapped up in a realm of luxury.

A touch of sponge gently rubbed against my face to rub off the dust and dirt. Then tenderly my massage therapist set drops of cleanser. Her tender hands stroking my face in motion were relaxing. Particularly, facial massages, is one of the most pleasurable and intimate aspects of just doing a treatment – it’s more than just about feeling good. Each step was done in such a divine way, I almost fell asleep. It was calming and it lets you unwind completely. The spa offers different types of facial treatments designed to suit your skin type.  Massage mediums come in a variety of consistencies, such as creams, oils, lotions. Hence, the spa focuses on providing product consistency in selections based upon each individual client. The facial treatment made me sleepy – in a good way. I felt so refreshed. The facial treatment had given me so many goose bumps that I was excited for my body massage.

It had been a while since I’d got a body massage. I swear they’re one of the best things in life. Dim lights, soft music playing in the background and the scent of lavender oil set the ambiance just about perfect. Let me tell you this: warm room and a good massage go hand-in-hand.  My therapist pumped some oil and began the ever-soothing massage. A good rule of thumb is to start with the back and then move to the shoulders and the whole body. The massage had already taken its effect on me; I had loosened up and was fully enjoying it. More than the massage, it was the soft hands that made me lighten up. Affectionate hands stroking my legs, back, shoulders; it was absolute bliss. I’ve been to a lot of spas but honestly, I was so ecstatic of the service I received here. I felt like I was in Neverland. My day went so perfectly; my spirits were high and I was overjoyed. It was a perfect day at the spa.

Offering you all ranges of services from head-to-toe, Tranquility Spa has a variety of beauty and body care therapy and massage services. The spa caters to your needs as soon as you step in. Friendly and humble staff members help you choose a service, and are very interactive while you have a conversation with them making sure you receive proper service. 

The place is itself very inviting. A mini fountain at the front door and smiling faces make your day. As a client of the spa, you can now receive customized treatments based on how you feel. This new trend is exciting and personal. Imagine going to a spa and receiving a treatment with essential oils based on your immediate needs and desires? To fulfill a client’s needs, the therapist will carefully select essential oils and techniques. How wonderful! Plunge into the Jacuzzi or bask in the sauna, Tranquility Spa has it all. Whether you’re a regular or new to the idea of spas, you’re sure to find a treatment that’s perfect for you, from high end luxurious spa treatments, to very affordable treatments that will make you look and feel great. Treat yourself to a massage or at the salon, their trained therapists are always on hand to guide you to your complete satisfaction. They’ll make you feel royal, having everything done for you. With services provided around the city, just hop-into one of their spas in your locality for a great experience!