Bu keba

Among the many restaurants in Bakhundole, Bu keba-The organic village café stands out as it serves pure vegan food. Exuding an inviting ambience, this multi-cuisine restaurant serves a range of delicious foods to their hungry customers. Chef Badri Shrestha has been working in this field for quite a long time and showcasing his culinary skills here are two dishes that are special vegan food prepared at Bu keba.

Soya Chaap   

The soya chaap platter is completely vegan and very appealing to look at. The long grain Basmati rice garnished with capsicum and olives along with the soya curry is a delight to indulge in for vegetarians. The curry has a very Indian taste with plenty of spices and has fried soya balls in it. The chef informs.”The curry is a perfect balance of Indian masala, onions, tomatoes and curry paste.” However, I found the curry slightly bland and the spices too were a little too much. The platter is one of a kind, as the soya curry is something you don’t get everywhere. It’s a newly introduced dish and the recipe is directly from India. So if you are a vegan then this dish is something worth a try.



Mixed Veg Pakoda

  • The Mixed Veg pakoda is the best starter for a vegetarian. With a crunchy outer layer and soft insides, the pakoda has mixed flavors. Consisting of corn, beans, cheese and carrots, the pakodas have the perfect crunch and taste to it. A white cream sauce goes well with the pakodas and is made up of cream, garlic, salt and pepper. Simple yet delicious, the pakodas served with the creamy sauce are completely vegan.