The shape, size, colour and alignment of your teeth affect your facial appearance and smile. A smile makeover is one of the alternative that can modify the looks and features of your face to give you a more youthful appearance and a new smile.

Dr.pratibha pradhanang (shrestha)BDS,POS,FICCDE (orthodontics)

Problems and treatment options that can improve your smile:

••Mis-shape, disproportional size and worn teeth
These types of problem can be treated by cosmetic treatment such as tooth colour filling materials, veneers and crowns.
•Space in between teeth
Spaces can be closed by braces, tooth colour filling and veneers.
•Misaligned  teeth
Teeth that are crowded, protruded, deep bite case can be treated by orthodontics treatment (clear braces, metal braces, aligner)
•Discolour and stained teeth
It can be improved by scaling, polishing and bleaching technique. (Teeth Whitening Treatment)
•Missing teeth
One or more missing teeth can negatively affect the smile. Depending on the location of the missing tooth either dental implant/bridge or partial denture are recommended to replace the tooth.
•Gummy smile and an uneven gum line
While smiling, showing of excess gums tissue and an uneven gum-line affects your smile. Gum re-contouring (removing of small gum tissue) helps you to smile better.
•Larger teeth, small chips, slightly overlapped teeth, sharp edges 
These type of cases are treated by dental contouring (reducing the size of teeth) to improve the smile.