DIY Mask by Sneh Rana

The winter will soon be over but the aftermath can still be seen on our skin. The harsh temperature and wind has left our skin dry and damaged to some extent. Even though great moisturizers are available in the market, it’s just not enough. When science fails, we can always turn to natural remedies that our ancestors swear by. Here is a recipe of DIY mask by Sneh Rana that she guarantees will work wonders!


-2 tbsp fresh cream

-1 tsp honey 

-2 tbsp besan (gram flour)

-1 pinch turmeric  

Method: Mix into a thick paste and apply on clean face till dry and then rinse.

Benefits: Fresh cream acts as a deep moisturizer and honey has anti bacterial properties. Gram flour helps extract impurities from the skin and besides being anti septic, turmeric also brings out the natural glow in your skin. This mask can be used by all skin types.

Beauty tips:

-Keep your skin well moisturized through the winter.

-Keep it clean and healthy by following a consistent skin care regime.

-Drink lots of water for glowing skin.

-Spend good money on the best skin products.

-Along with your face make sure you moisturize your body as well every day.

-Treat yourself to oil massages to keep blood flow strong.

-Eat green vegetables and raw fruits.

-Avoid sugar for naturally beautiful skin.