Located on Z-street, Thamel, Om Singing Bowls has been offering various types of singing bowl therapies for the past seven years. Certified to conduct singing bowl training courses on self healing techniques, they use singing bowls for their clients’ personal benefit and much more. The array of ‘singing bowl’ therapies available include relaxing therapy, head therapy, chakra awakening therapy, backache therapy and meditation. They also offer training and educational activities related to singing bowls.

Sajan Thapaliya the therapist at Om Singing Bowls explains how his father had a singing bowl shop and was always there. Tourists would come to his shop to buy singing bowls and make a lot of enquiries regarding these amazing bowls. Growing up with the vibes of singing bowls around him, he started doing his own personal research on its various uses around the world.  “Singing bowls are not very popular in Nepal although they are seen everywhere in the market. However, they are very popular in Europe and many other western countries,” says Sajan.

Thapaliya travels to a new country every year to conduct workshops on singing bowl therapy and its uses. He’s been to Denmark, Norway, India, Taiwan, Dubai and some other countries to conduct workshops. He has a singing bowl shop here and a studio as well for singing bowl therapy and offers various singing bowl therapies and workshops there.

Thapaliya explains, “The therapies have a relaxing effect as the singing bowls vibrate and send waves of vibration and sound through a person’s body, which harmonizes the cells. Singing bowls also have a relaxing effect on the brain, slowing brain waves and inducing a deep meditative state. It has positive effects on the mind, body and soul.” He says this healing therapy cannot replace modern medication systems but is very beneficial for people looking for spiritual enlightenment and who love to meditate. It’s a very powerful therapy that helps in:

?Deep relaxation                                                                                    

?Balancing the human chakra system (Energy System )                            

?Purifying your emotions

? Has a soothing effect on all cells in the body

?Promoting deep sleep

? Treating  anxiety, depression, headache and backache  

Om Singing Bowl Therapy is open to everyone and one can join anytime. Most of their clients are foreigners from around the world like Europe, USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, China and others. Many people who come for therapy have a completely different view after the sessions are completed. They generally come if they are involved in yoga and meditation and are usually 25 or older. For the therapy sessions Thapaliya uses hand-made singing bowls also known as therapy bowl or healing bowl. There are many kinds of bowls available in the market right now, but he advises people to buy singing bowls from authentic sellers so that they are good for meditation and therapy, like the ones he sells in his shop.

In the near future he wants to conduct free singing bowl session for the needy people like people in orphanages, rehabilitation centers and others who can benefit from this therapy. As for expanding his business: “I am planning to open a kind of retreat home in my home town of Nuwakot which is 35km from Kathmandu.” He plans to offer all kinds of healing activities related to singing Bowl. Om Singing Bowl Healing Club offers a relaxing, healing therapy to help you relax as a relief from the stress and chaos of the busy life you lead.