A Haven for Relaxation

 Living in a busy city like Kathmandu and working part time can be truly exhausting for any student. Between classes, work commitments, meetings, assignments, spending time with friends and family, doing household chores and running errands, your ‘me-time’ is just lost somewhere in the chaotic schedule. The occasional vacation is a great way to de-stress and get some personal time. I may not always be able to get away, so I have found an alternative means to de-stress and pamper myself right here in the city.

A friend of mine introduced me to the oasis of relaxation “Spa and body massage” about a year ago and I always look forward to going there. Initially I browsed different spas of Kathmandu and personally tried and tested different packages before finally settling for Tranquility Spa. What I like most about Tranquility is that it has many branches around the city, so you can visit any of them at your own convenience and you’ll find the same standard of hospitality and trained therapists in each of them.

The moment you enter the spa, you feel a sense of relief. The area is dimly lit and the hospitable staff welcomes you the moment you step in. The décor has a hint of western style and wooden designs. Once you choose a package from their menu, a room will be prepared for you. If you are not sure of the kind of massage you want to go for, you can always ask for their suggestions. You can tell them your needs and they will find a suitable package for you.


The massage room at Tranquility is nothing but pleasant. It is partially lit with soothing music playing in the background. The robe and other necessities are kept on the comfortable massage table and the bathroom is well equipped. It all begins with the soaking of your feet in lukewarm water and a gentle massage. The massage process varies from package to package but they all include the basic massage. The masseurs are all well trained and have years of experience.  I took their signature massage which is a harmonious blend of Swedish and Newar style massage. I was requested to slip under the silky and warm massage table. Then, the masseur took off the robe without me even noticing, just like magic! But the real magic begins after you lie down. The aroma of the oils fill up the room, and the masseur takes her time with the massage of the whole body and it feels like she is massaging and healing each and every tissue of your body. It felt like sixty minutes had passed in the blink of an eye; it was such a soothing and calming experience. I felt as if my skin had been infused with moisture protection so deep that not even Kathmandu’s dust could get through!


The different packages on offer are designed for everyone and are of varying duration. There are packages that last 30 minutes and others that are longer, full packages. And just when I thought that the spa couldn’t add to my bliss, they led me to their well-resourced beauty salon which has a variety of beauty treatments! It was a truly satisfying ‘me-time’ and I look forward to more. If you’re looking for the authentic spa experience then head for Tranquility Spa.