We have recently seen a proliferation of bars across K-town. Some of these bars are striving for international standards and with so many open for business, bar goers like us are finding it hard to make up our minds where to spend the evening. Here is a list of the best bars in town judging from their popularity. 

Faces Lounge & Bar

Within a few months of its launch, Faces Lounge & Bar has managed to create a niche for itself and has become one of the happening places in Thamel. It is popular among those who like a drink but need to groove to the rhythm of music until late. The bar premises are embellished by images of international celebrities such as actors, sports stars and politicians. Faces Lounge & Bar takes pride in serving over two hundred varieties of cocktails and a varied cuisine while ensuring the security of its clients. Among the hundreds of varieties, do not miss out on BP 99, the most talked about cocktail at the bar. The bar and lounge is ideal for hanging out with friends and dance along to the DJ’s beats. 

Mezze by Roadhouse 

Café, wine and bar are all under one roof at Mezze by Roadhouse. Located on the top floor of the Mercantile Shopping Mall at Durbar Marg, Mezze is the ideal place to recover from the fatigue after a long day shopping and walking around town. Popular for pizza and platter among those who bring their family, its bar is usually packed with young people. Designed with a modern interior and terrace that has a grand view of the Narayanhiti Palace Museum, Mezze’s vantage point also allows one to enjoy a spectacular view of Durbar Marg.  A cool place to hang out in the evenings, Mezze serves both International and Nepali cuisine, and while you are there, do take a sip of its celebrated cocktail ‘Midori Mojito’. 

Reggae Bar

Reggae Bar in Thamel, right beside Purple Haze is a place to chill and get refreshed during Friday night. Although small in comparison to other bars around Thamel, it holds its own by serving food delicioso, chilled beer to the live sound of bands like Cobweb. If you find yourself at Reggae Bar just to get the day’s office routine out of your system, try its range of cocktails, you’ll soon be in the mood. Among the eclectics, Sex on the Pub, Almond Liquor and Good Burn of Baileys are top of the charts.  This bar does attract quite a large clientele, but the food they serve is also commendable. Savor their scrumptious meals as well. For a great time with liquor and live music head to Reggae Bar and you won’t regret it. 


If you’ve been to Shisha in Thamel then you probably tried their most talked about ‘Momo and Shisha’. However, if it’s your first time, make sure to order Shisha special drinks and platters which include B52, Mojito and Margarita. These special drinks are the bars most popular beverages. If you are to try other flavors other than the special ones, it has over twenty varieties of Shisha flavors flown in straight from Dubai. If that doesn’t do it for you, they also serve several other international beverages, so they’ve got you covered. The multi-cuisine restaurant on a rooftop with a wide terrace also frequently features live bands. With a total capacity of 80 people, Shisha is ideal for causal gatherings of young people.

Karma Bar

Karma Bar and Lounge is a new addition to the valley’s party and bar scene. With the capacity of serving over a thousand people, Karma is located at United World Trade Centre in Tripureshwor. A well chosen location with barely a bar in sight, it is perceived as unrivaled and the envy of other bars across town who face stiff competition. Karma serves a number of distinct beverages and is perfect for weekend revelers. It is known for offering the valley’s best night life. Their clients also enjoy hassle free parking complemented by tight security. The bar also recently featured live performances by DJ Leonie and Dancers from far away Bangkok. Karma Bar believes that no live performance is complete without cocktails, hookahs, and excellent beverages, thus fulfilling the needs of all who come there.

GG Machaan

GG Machaan built to resemble a tree house has a bar and restaurant with a great ambience created by lights and music.  Located in Jhamsikhel, GG’s Aqumarine and Machaan aim to replicate the feel of a Jungle Safari. GG has a capacity for serving around 100 people if the outdoor setting is included. The bar is perfect for groups to relish a night with live music and a beer or any preferred beverages. Apart from those hanging out, the bar can also be an ideal venue for parties, events, and corporate gatherings. GG offers the convenience of online booking which is available through their website.  In the next weekend or date, choose GG Machaan to make it the most memorable time of your life. 

Fire Club

Fire Club, the hub of Thamel’s large tourist population, takes pride in being one of best Discotheque & Lounge bars and enjoys legendary status. It thrives on giving tourists and locals a great time every day, and one can’t help but agree as it does live up to its word. At Fire Club, you get more than you ask for. The club is not only a venue where people go to dance; they can also enjoy movies on a big screen with an incredibly good sound system. Aside from being the ideal venue for day or night parties, the club is also capable of serving the best imported spirits, wine, cocktails and mocktails, you name it. Spread over a single floor, the bar is open from 8:00 pm to early 3:00 am. From delicious food and cuisines to DJ soundtracks, the Fire Club has it all for those who want to chill out.  


If you are looking for the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a night out with other guys, Moksh fits the bill. Located in the trendiest spot and the most happening quarter of Jhamsikhel, Moksh has the perfect setting for live music. What sets Moksh apart is its whole new concept of music, art and foods. Whether it’s a friends’ reunion, family gathering or a date, they have space that meets all the needs. Its interior is warmed by bonfire tables and enjoys an aura of coziness. Another major attraction of Moksh is its bar. The bar sits on level one and two and each can accommodate 50 people. Enjoy a weekend out at Moksh listening to live music while the waiters serve you the finest liquor in its popular pizzeria. 

Purple Haze 

The most happening bar in K-Town, Purple Haze Rock Bar is the number one destination for lovers of rock music. The Rock bar has an energetic ambience that makes you feel alive as soon as you enter the club. The perfect spot for partying, it is mostly frequented by young crowds. The bar features different bands each night catering to varying tastes in music. It can accommodate about 200 people and one can head bang along with the music till 11:30 pm. Besides the pulsating music, Purple Haze also serves excellent food and drinks, all at affordable prices. If heading there for the first time, make sure to get some mojito shots and be prepared to swing, groove and head bang your way through the live performance lost in an extremely animated young crowd. 

The Victory Lounge 

One of the top bars in K-Town, the Victory Lounge is located at Durbar Marg on the 5th floor of the Planet Sports Building. The lounge is the most happening spot here and full to capacity every weekend. Although The Victory Lounge has been around for more than a year, the number of customers flocking there doesn’t seem to dwindle.  It’s one of the favorite spots to dance the night away with friends on a Friday night. Complementing the live performances is the wide choice of liquors. The lounge is the perfect hangout for a respite from work related stress. So, if you wish to give yourself a treat after a long, hard day at work, The Victory Lounge is your best bet.