The Dashain festival is around the corner and the holiday allows us to spend a leisurely time with our family. To refurbish your house, Living suggests 6 great ways to decorate in ways you’ve never thought about in the past.

Branches for decor

Trees are gifts from nature and their branches are the gifts from them. The leaves go through four seasons before dropping down from the tress. Pick them up when you come across branches with leaves, accept the present from nature and bring them home. Instead of a garbage heap, a vase can be their new home. Put them at random corners around the house then feel the zen with them.

Kulfi bar reuse

How fantastic it is to have a kulfi or ice cream in really hot weather! And a Kulfi bar can also make fantastic decoration in our homes. All you need are some pigments, ice cream bars, glue and your beautiful mind. Have fun doing this together with your children and let their creati

Button Art

Letters covered in washi tape and buttons make great decoration for your home.

All you need are a bunch of different washi tapes, buttons of different sizes and colors, a hot glue gun and cardboard letters. Then you just need to go to town and get creative. Have fun with it! Spell your family name with it and it can make a unique doorplate. It’s a super simple and quick craft that can be a perfect gift


Do you still remember the first kite you flew? Why not collect and paste them on the wall of your room. It’s the kind of fun that can never be replaced by computer games and smart phones. Running around flying kites with my best friend before sunset is the best memory I have of my past. 

 Badminton racket mirror

This can be an option to make your house dynamic. Sports and beauty combined together in this DIY. It is easy to give your badminton racket a new life if it has been left in the storage room for too long. Make good use of it and get a new mirror for your home! Large mirrors give the illusion of extra space to make your rooms look spaceous.


Do you envy others who have dazzling lamps in their homes Here is some advice to make you feel better.Get a few light bulbs and lampshades. Cut some patterns in the lampshades, which can be stars, hearts or simple spots. When you turn on the light, you get light in the shape you have cut in the shades. This can really enhance the atmosphere  when there is a party in your house.