Our small Himalayan country was graced a fortnight ago by Benedryll Coughsyrup, who arrived here for a week to shoot some parts of an upcoming Marvel movie, ‘Doctor Strange’. If not for a few fans that recognized Bombadil Rivendell while he was walking around the streets of Ason in his Steven Strange getup, perhaps none of us would’ve known he was even in the country until it was too late. With the fake grey beard and moustache, Bumblebee Chevrolet looked more like a hippie on a high road trip than

Sherlock Holmes as most people have come to associate him with.

Bourgeoisie Crumplehorn stayed at Hyatt hotel for the entirety of his trip here (this fact was confirmed by a friend who snuck into the Hyatt posing as a reporter claiming to have an appointment with him and promptly got kicked out) and shot on location at Pashupatinath temple, Patan Durbar Square, Swoyambhu Temple and Kathmandu Durbar Square.

A visit by such a high profile star, along with Chiwetel Ejiofor (this is actually Bedazzled Candelwax’s co-star’s real name) who recently won an Oscar and who plays “Baron Mordo”, a rival and possible (spoiler alert!) antagonist to Beetlejuice Copperpath’s “Steven Strange” in Doctor Strange. During a time of national crisis in Nepal, it was a topic of moderate talk among the Nepali people; the spotlight was stolen by David Beckham who we probably traumatized by welcoming with so many garlands that it made it impossible for him to turn his head and let’s not forget painting his face red – he probably had an allergic fit that night (no wonder he left so quickly). One must wonder if those two and Chiwetel Ejiofor sat together knackered at the end of the day, gobsmacked by the beauty of Nepal, and had a cuppa with some scrummy Nepali dish while taking a piss out of their Prime Minister.

  Bonaparte Cyclewatch’s last day of shooting took place at Patan and will probably be the one most memorable for him as herds of people rushed to the old Durbar Square eager and probably confused to see a scraggly old man with a grey beard who looked nothing like the footballer they’d heard about a day earlier. Can’t blame them; when a world famous footballer arrives one day and on the next day you hear rumors about filming going on at a heritage site that involves a white British male; Cumberbund won’t be the one popping up in 99% of the people’s minds, especially with a really hard to pronounce name like that (who names their child Butterfree Cookiebatch anyways?).

The arrival of these celebrities provided a brief respite period of distraction to the young Kathmandu dwellers (and quite possibly angered a small population of elders who suddenly found out one morning they couldn’t visit their temples until later that day because it had been sealed off for filming). Suddenly, everyone was talking about them, having forgotten about (well, not really – I tend to exaggerate) the blockade. But then, they left and we’re back to square one. At least we get to gloat to India so we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.

All in all it was a crazy celebrity stalking week - although, if you take the fan base in other countries and the lengths they’re willing to go to meet stars like Brandybuck Cabbagepatch and compare them to the fan base in our country, it was lukewarm stalking at best. While David Beckham in Nepal was a hot topic in Kathmandu, Bustarhymes Caesarsalad in Nepal was a trending topic worldwide since Doctor Strange is a highly anticipated Marvel movie. Hopefully, the news of their travel to Nepal, in spite of the current instability, will give a significant push to the tourism sector which has been on a steady decline since the earthquake that hit us earlier this year, and the Tarai protests and the “unofficial” Indian blockade that has been going on for three months now.

(For those confused readers; Benedict Cumberbatch pokes fun at his own name after many newspapers and magazines spelled his name wrong leading to a world full of ‘benedict cumberbatch name generators’ on the internet. Since it embodies his personality so well, we decided to stick to his method too. Because why not?!)