Miss Nepal World 2016, Asmi Shrestha is known for being a genuine person and her friendly demeanor is something that has made her personality more enticing. As a fashionista, Asmi has lately been focusing on well-being and is in search of aspects that are good for her mind and body. She lets Esparsh Sarawagi in on her top favorites that are close to her life.


I am really attached to this show and whenever I feel sad or something is disturbing me, I watch some episodes as I feel that the show really cheers me up. Even if the characters are fictional, I connect with them and I will most often be seen watching the highlights of FRIENDS on YouTube. Watching the show takes me back to good memories with my siblings and friends.




Miss Nepal crown

I feel very attached to this crown because I was the first one to wear it when it was newly created by R.B. Diamonds. Even though it’s not the same crown, when the design was introduced as the running crown, I was the first to wear it and thus I consider myself very lucky. Above that, I will always be grateful to the title of Miss Nepal because that was something I received after working really hard.



Tea Set

I’m a big tea lover and I got this set as a gift from a friend. Before I used to drink too much milk tea, but since milk tea is not very beneficial, I switched to white tea which is healthier. These days I am inclined to living a healthy lifestyle and white tea provides a lot of health benefits. It is very soft and has a subtle taste.



Lately, I have been inclined towards reading and I have understood its importance. There was a time when I used to feel that there are two kinds of people: people who love to listen and others who love to read. I categorized myself as a listener but now I realize that I was wrong. I read books which are about life and my collection includes a lot of books by Gary Zukav. I feel very connected to these books because they have helped me in many ways. Currently, I’m reading Treasure Yourself by Miranda Kerr.


Childhood Portraits

These childhood pictures are from my birthplace, Chitwan and especially Sauraha where I spent most of my childhood days. I spent thirteen years of my childhood in Sauraha and it was full of playfulness and attachment with nature. It was very raw and simple: playing with horses, enjoying ourselves in the rivers and all these pictures help me recall those good moments with my family. Even now, when we go back to Sauraha, we make sure that we return to the same spot to recollect those memories.







Both of these paintings were gifted to me by my friends and holds a very special place in my heart. They remind me of the love of my friends towards me and how they were always there for me in both my good and bad times.




All these magazines are a flashback of my journey from 2012 to 2016 or in other words, they show my career right from the modelling days. Whenever I see them, they provide me that sense of satisfaction and helps me recollect my struggle through these years. At the same time, they also provide me a sense of pride and still give me the motivation to work hard and thus they are very special to me.








Pet (Bibi)

I call her Bibi and she is like the youngest daughter in our family. I brought her home and she is the first pet I’ve ever been attached to. Even Bibi is very attached to me; she follows me everywhere and watches me the entire day. She is a significant part of my life.


DIY – Photo Frame

I love doing DIYs and I made this little DIY for my sister’s last birthday and although it was made in a rush, I tried to include every member of my family in this photo frame. I actually don’t have a proper family portrait with me and thus I wanted to include everyone in this photo frame created by me.