Bal Gopal Maharjan, former national football player and first Nepali to coach an international A division club outside Nepal, is a down-to-earth person and believes in simple living and high thinking. Striving hard to take the football team of Nepal to the international platform, Maharjan is perfect when it comes to managing his time and his accessories.

Bal Gopal Maharjan shares about his top favorites with EsparshSarawagi that are useful to him both on and off the field.


I’m an iPhone addict and have been using Apple phones since many years. Currently, I’m using iPhone 6s and it’s been more than a phone for me because of its great features and updates. Similarly, I got my S7 Edge as a Nepalese Ambassador during the launch of this phone and it has proved to be very useful for all my training sessions because of its camera quality and water resistance. Finally, my Gear 2 is a must for my daily exercise as it helps me keep my calories in control and maintain my physique.

Under Armour Sportwear

I used to wear Adidas during my retirement from Three Star, but after my brother Deepak Rana Magar who is also a NationalPlayer, recommended me the Under Armour products for my sports, I started wearing this. And since then, because of its quality and comfort, I’ve been using this brand, for my football and jogging sessions and also as a casual wear with a cap.


This premium sunglass brand has been my favorite since I started playing football. I’ve been using this brand for 10-12 years now and my trust for this brand is increasing every year. Though I use other brands as well, my first choice is always Ray-Ban when it comes to choosing among the sunglasses brand.

XTEP Running Shoulder Brand

I’ve known this brand as a sponsor for the popular Spanish Football Club Villarreal. Apart from that, my friend being the dealer of XTEP products in Nepal, I did the opening of this brand in Nepal along with BirajMaharjan and Bimal Gharti Magar. I carry this bag for the activities like swimming, trekking and even for my training sessions as it’s strong and comfortable.

Notable Awards

One of my favorite achievements in my career is this gold award which I received at the South Asian Games held in Dhaka in 1993. Among all other sports, it was football where our country outperformed other countries and managed to bring gold. Then 23 years after this, Senior Nepal Football Team won another gold medal in the ‘Bagabandhu World Cup’ held in Bangladesh where I was the coach of the team. Finally, in 2072, I received the award for the ‘Coach of the Year’ which was first time in Nepal.


Though, I’m a sportsperson, I’m in love with branded watches. Timex is close to my heart as I received this with my award for the ‘Coach of the Year’. Armani, Nike, KFA all are my favorites and I wear them as per the event I’m going to.

Pocari Sweat Bottle

Though it might be a simple bottle, being a sportsperson, it’s something without which I cannot survive a single day. It was presented to me by the Football Association of Japan during my Japan tournament. Whether, I’m at home, playfield or conference, it is always with me. I mostly carry the dehydration drink in this bottle as the liquid remains safe in it. The bottle is very easy to carry, use and pass during the training sessions.


Being a sportsperson, it’s necessary to remain fresh and smell good. Excessive sport is normal for us and thus I carry these deodorants and perfumes in my bag most often. Sometimes, a good smell can leave a good mark on your character. Currently, I’m use Axe. My collection includes Gucci, Denver, Yardly Navy and some other imported brands.