Miss Nepal World 2015, Evana Manandhar is a family-oriented person and has always valued emotional attachments to her family and friends more than materialistic things. She believes family is that unique institution that brings people together and thus she considers the items that are close to her heart and soul as her favorites. Evana shares some of her top favorites with Esparsh Sarawagi.

Family Portrait

Family is the most important part of my life and my grandparents are really close to me. My late grandfather Surya Dev Manandhar has been one of my biggest inspirations and whenever I fall down, I do think of him and rise again. I am also quite close to my grandmother, and my dad, mom and brother complete my life. This portrait is thus priceless to me.

First School Photograph

I was a very bubbly child and I was always enthusiast about going to school. I never cried while going to school. This is the first studio picture taken of me on my first day of school during my kindergarten years. This being the first shot ever taken in a professional manner is close to me.

Barbie Dolls: Childhood Besties

I’ve always been fond of barbies and collecting them for my own specific emotional reasons. Barbies are not just dolls for me but something that I treasure for life and they are my assets. They all hold attachment because they were gifted to me by my family members especially by my grandfather and my parents.

Childhood Assets

The heart pendant was given to my mother by my grandfather as a legacy and now I keep it and wear it. My band with Disney characters is my favorite because I just love Disney and wore this every now and then as I grew up. Coming to the bangles, these were gifted by my grandfather when I was just 1-2 years old and thus I cherish them. Finally, the diary girls rule, though it is very cliché it is something that I grew up reading and provided me the guidelines to become a perfect girl. Coming to this dress, this has been my favorite as my mom used to love dressing me up as a princess as I grew up following her fashion sense. Finally, my Pocahontas handbag which I loved carrying around wherever I went during my childhood days.

Academic Awards

Completing my Bachelors in the US from Wilkes University and being the only Nepali student there, I loved being a part of the competition, initiative activities and global programs. The Nada Vujica Award was provided to me for internationalizing the campus, the D.I.V.E. certificate for diversifying the campus and finally the honorary badge as the Dean’s Excellence Award and this is the most memorable as I got this on my dad’s birthday and it was a gift for him.


Obviously, it’s a very simple watch but holds strong values in my life. It is not an ordinary watch for me as I bought it 5 years back from my first salary when I started working after graduation.

Miss Nepal crown

Most impactful decision I made in life was coming back from the US and starting my journey towards Miss Nepal 2015 competition as my aim in life has been to represent my country internationally. After winning the Miss Nepal World 2015 title, my involvement with Miss World proved to be fruitful where one of the significant achievements was to represent the country in the Top 7 dances of the world.

Plan and track

When I’m traveling with my family, friends or for meetings, I like to jot down significant matters and events in this diary on a daily basis. It keeps my mind running and planned, so it’s my favorite.

Alumni Tribute

Representing my country in Wilkes University as the only Nepali student, the alumni association had a tribute under my name and published a magazine about our country. The magazine was given as a tribute to Nepal and I was the face of Nepal. The magazine included articles on how the country was reviving after the earthquake and regaining strength.

Smart Scooter

I’m very enthusiastic about NIU scooters because it’s the only smart scooter available in Nepal that is road legal. It is the highest selling e-scooter in the world with over 700,000,000 units sold worldwide. I think we all like to be smart riders; and, thus I believe we are all responsible in making our planet clean and safe for future generations.