CEO of Civil Bank and owner of Lalitpur Patriots in the upcoming Everest Premier League, Kishore Maharjan shares with Living his list of favorites.

Cigar Box

I call these my babies. I love cigars and here’s my cigar collection: the cigar box manages humidity and keeps my cigars in the right temperature. Beside the box, you can see cigar accessories like portable cigar carrier, lighter and a cigar cutter.


I prefer these two colognes: one is from Paco Robanne and another from Thiery Mugler. Why, because these two colognes aren’t that strong and last throughout the day.

Land Rover Bikes

I bought these bikes along with the Land Rover that I had in the past. I ordered four of these, two for me and my wife, one I gifted to an uncle of mine and one to a friend in China. Whenever my wife and I get time or in the morning, we take out the bikes for a stroll. I think cycling gives you great exercise to keep your muscles toned and to stay healthy.


Glenmorangie is a Scotland based distillery which produces single malt Scotch whisky. This is one of the single malt collections that I have. I like this one because it has that slightly smoked flavor but not as much as JD.


I love collecting Khukuris because it is our national weapon and symbolizes bravery. I bought the big one in Bhojpur 20 years back. I think it can even chop a buffalo!  The smaller one is a bit fancy and looks artistically beautiful up-close.

Honda CR-V

I feel Japanese vehicles are more dependable than any other vehicles, especially Honda. I had a Honda vehicle in the past and it gave me no problem at all. After that I tried other vehicle brands but they weren’t that durable and dependable. So, preferring to go for another Japanese vehicle I bought a Honda CR-V. Till now, I love every aspect of the CR-V from fuel economy, power, comfort, and most of all, durability. 

Apple Products

When it comes to gadgets, I prefer Apple products. Data and information can be easily transferred from one Apple product to another as everything is well connected through iCloud which makes them very compatible to use. One of the main features of Apple products is that they are virus free which is why I adore them.

Squash Rackets

I love playing squash and these rackets are my absolute favorites. They are light and weigh just 135-145 gram.


I am a huge fan of painting and you can see paintings all over my house. This one is of Seto Machindranath. Raj Krishna Maharjan is the artist who painted this unique piece eight years back which represents both male and female gender of the god in a single painting.

Belt Buckles and Cufflinks

I have a huge collection of belt buckles and cufflinks and these are some of my favorites. You can see that American belt buckles are very artistic and your first expression is always ‘wow’ which is why I love collecting American belt buckles. As for the cufflinks, I have one gifted to me by Barack Obama when he was the President of USA, and some of these are designed by my wife and gifted to me.

Fountain Pens

I like writing with fountain pens because they give that thick ink writing which gives it more artistic value and control to writing over ball-point pens. I think a fountain pen can be also added as an accessory while in formal wear to give you that gentlemanly character.