Natasha Shah, popularly known as Nattu, has made a name for herself in Nepal’s music scene; her melodious voice and quirky traits are adored by all her fans. She talks about ten of her favorite belongings which hold deep meaning to her. 

Phone  (Samsung Note 8): Nattu adores her phone mainly because she bought it herself. “My phone is like my baby, when I drop it on the floor I get really dramatic, maybe it’s because I bought it myself.” 

Jewelry Box:  An Iranian jewelry box that her dad gave her is another belonging that she cherishes. ‘This is a very fancy box. If I were girly, I would have put my makeup kits and jewelry inside it. Since my dad got it for me, it is close to my heart.

Pets: Three dogs Maya, Johnny and Alphie are Nattu’s happy place. The dogs follow her everywhere and Nattu treats them like her oaswn children: “Alphie was rescued by Priyanka Karki, Maya was rescued by me and then there’s Johnny who is the attention seeker. They are very naughty but they are the ones who make me happy.” 

Guitar: A singer’s prized possession is their instrument and for Nattu, it’s her guitar which she takes along wherever she goes. “Neetesh (Neetesh Jung Kunwar) and I ordered the same guitar together and we were “twinning”. For Nattu, it’s not just a musical instrument but a source of inspiration to create art which also holds emotional values.

Grandmother’s memories: A family heirloom that belonged to her grandmother; this particular artwork is unique and close to Nattu. “Like most paintings in my house, this, too is from my grandma’s collection. After I knew it was 23 carat gold. Jokes apart, it is something that reminds me of her.”

First Award: Nattu has been singing for a really long time and she got her first Hits FM award in the year BS 2074. It was a really happy and emotional moment for her as an artist for the recognition she got: “It is one of those items that holds deep emotional values. Being the first one, it is very close to my heart.” 

Macbook (computer): It’s her ‘work computer’ which she uses for editing her videos and songs for the Arbitrary band. “I always complained about not having a proper computer for my work, so my dad got it for me. It is very important for me as I do all of my work on it.” All of Nattu’s musical creations come from this device so it may be important to all her fans as much as it is to her.

Painting: Nattu has a ton of artwork hanging on her walls. But this is a special one as she made it herself. “I made this piece of art and I am pretty proud of myself; this is supposed to be me in the painting; I tried to express solitude in this one.” 

Bike – R15: One of the most important things in Nattu’s life is her motorbike which helps her get around. As she has to move around a lot, her bike is really important and also very close to her heart as it was a gift from her father: “My father gifted it to me three years back on my birthday so it is one of those things which are really important to me.”