A pioneer DJ, an avid foodie and a former drummer, DJ Raju has stolen the hearts of many with his catchy songs which he recorded and then made music videos. Many will remember his remix of “Chyangba Hoi Chyangba”. Being a foodie, he followed up by opening restaurants like Vootoo to provide tasty, specialized food. A seasoned artist with still a lot more to give, DJ Raju talks to Prawar Budhathoki about his favorite items and things that he can’t do without..

Apple iMac

“Aside from music, I am also a Graphic Designer and for graphic designing I use my iMac to create designs. I also use if for music purposes, hence iMac is my preferred desktop computer.”

JBL Beats Speaker

“This is a no-brainer. Being a musician, I like to listen to music and JBL produces one of the best sound systems out there and my choice is this JBL Beats. I also use the speakers to listen to podcasts and various other FM channels, mostly international.”

Nikon D600

“I mostly use my camera to promote food culture since I own restaurants and I also use them when I need to find design ideas. I take the picture and then use it later when I want to create a design.”

WacomIntous Pro

“As a designer, it is important to have Wacom. I use my Wacom to create and edit design as well as for creating music. It is very helpful and I do not use my mouse as much and I use it to draw my designs.”

MacBook Pro

“I use my MacBook Pro when I want a change of setup. Like when I get tired of using the desktop/iMac, I grab my MacBook Pro and go to a restaurant or some other place where I can work. I use my MacBook pro for DJ-ing and graphic designing as well.”

M-Audio Axiom 61

“Again as a musician, this keyboard is primarily used to create music. And I love this product and I use it every day to create music.”