Since her first movie ‘Swor’ in 2010, Benisha Hamal has come a long way and has recently received the award for Best Actor-Female for her role in ‘Blind Rocks’. Starting out as an RJ/VJ, she has been featured in more than a hundred music videos and advertisements. Benisha has proven her talent by fitting into any kind of role on-screen. She revealed to Living her favorite items that mean a great deal to her.


“My mom had gifted me a similar gold bracelet before on my birthday but I ended up losing it. That bracelet was very close to me as I wore it only in rare occasions. After some time, I made a similar gold bracelet for myself but it was only after a number of years that I could tell my mom the whole story. That’s why this bracelet is very, very close to me.”




“This moisturizing toner is a must for me as I really find it very effective and has helped me a lot with my skin. I always make sure that I get a new pack before the old one is finished so that I don’t have to use any other brand in between. Similarly, his night serum and face spray have also been my top priority for years.”







“This is my secret diary which was gifted to me by my friend Nira Joshi. I can keep a lock as well in this diary so that I’m assured of the privacy of what I write. So I value it a lot and write my heart out in it without having to worry about it getting disclosed.”





“I just love dream-catcher and I’ve also got a tattoo of it. I believe that this dream-catcher can not only help in turning your good dreams into reality but can also help you avoid bad dreams. It’s so important to me that it’s the first thing I see when I wake up.”







Best-Actor award

“This award from Kamana Film Awards for Best Actor-Female for my role in the last movie ‘Blind Rocks’ and the NFDC Award for the same movie has been very special to me as they are the first awards of my life as Best Actor. Whenever I see them I get motivated to work even harder.”








“I used to take theater classes from my teacher Sunil Pokhrel. His studio had a lot of paintings and all of them were very important to him. Once on my birthday, he gifted me one of them and I was so thankful to him. This painting was surely gifted to him by somebody who valued it a lot. But he gave it to me and that meant a lot to me.”







“I bought these shoes for my first fashion show held at Civil Mall. We were asked to get shoes with high heels and when I was looking for them, this pair just clicked. No matter how many pairs I buy in future, this one will always be very special to me.”