Mehar Shrestha made a name for herself when she was placed among the top 10 finalists in the Nepal Idol Season 1. After her successful participation in Nepal Idol, there has been no looking back and she has established herself as one of the most versatile singers in the country. She released two solo albums Sabda’ and ‘Bhawana Haru before coming up with her recent album entitled “Jau Na Aau in collaboration with ‘The Uglyz’ band. Her latest release has created quite a buzz in the music scenario. Kengel talked to Living, giving us an insight into her favorite things in her possession that are very special to her.


“This was gifted to me by my uncle and it’s very special to a person like me who’s into music. I do have a guitar as well but I use my piano for my vocal warm up which I do at least twice a day without fail. Where I am today is all because of the music and so this piano means a lot to me.”

Mom’s dress

“This used to be my mom’s dress when she was a teenager. I’ve inherited a lot of my mom’s dresses, but this one is my favorite. I’ve seen her pictures wearing this when she was a teenager and I’ve always wished to have a photo shoot wearing this one as I guess this will fit me perfectly today.”

Dad’s tie pin

“This is my Dad’s tie pin. He passed away five years ago. According to our Newari custom, we donate all the belongings of a deceased person, but I secretly hid this tie pin of his and it has been with me since then. I have been carrying this with me to all the important events of my life, right from the audition for Nepal Idol to my interviews and to the studio for my albums. I consider this to be my lucky charm.”


“I’ve got an iPhone 7 and I guess I’m totally addicted to this. I can’t imagine a single day without my phone. The first thing I pick up every morning as soon as I wake up is my phone as I try to keep myself updated with social media platforms. Also, since most of my family members live abroad, it’s a necessity for staying connected to them.”

Portrait with sisters

“I’m a very homesick kind of person and since my childhood I have been sharing all my emotions and happiness with my sisters. Even to this day, I visit my maternal home at least twice a week. One of my sisters resides in London and the other one is in Australia. My siblings mean a lot to me and this is a rare picture of us together.

Dad’s Sketch

“This sketch was gifted to me by Rupak Dai who considers me as his own sister. He gifted this sketch to me in the first year of my dad’s demise as a birthday present. At that time we were still not over that pain and in the mean time getting this as your birthday gift meant a lot. I would say it’s the best birthday gift I’ve ever received.”


“A bag is every girl’s most important accessory. I keep all my essentials right from my makeup, perfume, keys to my phone in this bag and it’s my favorite. I got this one for myself from Korea. I don’t go anywhere without it.”

Commendations and Certificates of Appreciation
“All these commendations are very close to me and I’ve received them as a token of love from the places I’ve performed in. I am ever grateful that I’m capable enough to receive these. These awards and tokens of love always remind me of the struggles I’ve been through and it motivates me to cherish my life for the way it is.”