Manita Devkota, Miss Universe Nepal 2018
, is a powerhouse of talent and she’s proved that ever since she reached the top 10 in the Miss Universe platform. Having moved to the US when she was only seven years old, she returned to Nepal at twenty-one, as she wanted to learn more about her motherland and discover her roots. Today, she is actively involved in various social projects related to women empowerment and other modeling projects. Manita spoke to Esparsh Sarawagi about her top favorites that she considers very close to her.

Menstrual Hygiene Products

“I am extremely active in an organization ‘Days for girls Nepal which works for women’s health and their empowerment. Being from a Hindu family and public health background at the same time, I’m also aware of the difficulties you can face as a woman after puberty. Being a woman, these menstrual cups and reusable cloth pads (which are usable for up to 2 years easily) are my every month essentials and I can’t live without them.”

Miss Nepal Crown
& Brooch

“Miss Nepal was a life-changing opportunity for me. Winning Miss Nepal and later on going for the Miss Universe platform is something that not every girl gets to experience. For me, it was also about being the first Miss Nepal to go to Miss Universe and being able to get a spot on the top 10 list in a pageant as big as Miss Universe. Similarly, this brooch is special because it was given to me by a Thai fan after my Miss Universe pageant, in appreciation of Nepal and our achievement in such a big platform. The saying goes, ‘Once a Miss Nepal always a Miss Nepal’ and these are the reminders to keep our heads up in the society and be good.”

Succulent plant by a friend

“I recently visited this foundation called NuVenture Nepal which is led by an American couple who train local Nepali women about entrepreneurship and marketing skills. This plant was given to me by Suddha Didi, one of their students who has started her own company where she develops succulent plants and keeps them in these stylish cement pots which she designed herself. I would rather ask people to give something like this as a token of appreciation which is beautiful; something that can be decoratively kept in your room rather than frames.”

Trekking gear

“It’s been two years since I moved back to Nepal and this year I had a chance to go trekking and see more of the country. I went to Poon Hill and had a solo experience at ABC trek which was more of a self-discovery. I am going again to Everest Base Camp soon. These trekking shoes have taken me to very far off places which are like heaven on earth while these poles have helped me stay upright.”


“I believe in being minimal but I do love eye-makeup. This is my favorite eye palette which also has a highlighter which I use when I want to give that extra pop to my entire look. I just use blush and contour powder which I also use as my eye-shadow sometimes. For me, the most important is a concealer, mascara and lipstick. I’ve been using this Maybelline Fit Me concealer for like five years or so and it has really helped me to cover my dark circles. However, I’m not that brand conscious when it comes to make-up.”

Skin care products

“I recently joined this company called ‘OJ Korean Cosmetics’ which imports affordable and high-quality Korean cosmetics in Nepal and I love their brand ‘Farm Stay’. It’s natural which really helps you see a visible difference on your skin. My favorite among these is the charcoal black-head peeler mask as my nose is the trouble spot for me as I have a lot of black heads and white heads.”

Productivity essentials

“Even though I’m not in school anymore, I still try to be productive and keep updated with the world. I do keep my monthly and daily plans. I’m very goal oriented and it’s very important for me to write down everything. As a millennial, most of the time I’m on the internet whether researching or socializing, and my laptop and notebook help me stay up with my goals.”