Mahima Singh

Miss Nepal Supranational 2018, Mahima Singh has always been enthusiast about fashion and extra-curricular activities since her high school days at Ace Institute of Management. Her height and self-confidence propelled her forward in this field, and that was how she ended up winning the Miss Nepal Supranational title. But despite all that she has achieved, she remains down-to-earth and has always valued her relations more than anything else in her life. Mahima talked to Esparsh Sarawagi about the favorite things in her life, items that matter the most to her.

Miss Nepal Achievements

“These are the tokens of love from my Miss Nepal journey which reflects my participation and victory in that competitive stage. It also includes the appreciation from Goldstar athletics where we secured third position. Then next comes the crown which is no doubt the most precious thing in my life. And, finally, the picture of five of us shows a great bond we formed during this journey.”


“Both of these watches are special to me. The ‘Fossil’ I bought last year in Europe. That’s not a smart watch but hybrid. I can synch my phone with it and it’s really cool. It’s my current favorite. The second watch belonged to my boyfriend which he gifted me. That was passed to him by a family member and is customized with his childhood picture imprinted on the dial.”


“I don’t stick to one perfume. I use different redolence at different times. Among the colognes, I use my current favorite, ‘Daisy by Marc Jacobs’. I use it during the day time. For the night time, I use Modern Muse by Estee Lauder. These make me feel confident with whatever I’m wearing.”

Childhood picture

“I myself developed that picture some years ago. I chose that picture because it was taken at my childhood home which is at Kalanki and I really miss that house. So, this picture brings back all my memories from my childhood home. And I also feel I look cute in this one (laughs).”


“In this day and age, where the world has moved on to social media messages, I still value the cards because I feel it’s very emotional. One of these cards was given to me by RB Diamonds as a birthday greeting. The other one was given to me by Niti Shah some years ago when she came to my place and that’s really sweet. So I decided to keep that on display. The third card was sent to me by my boyfriend’s mom through him when I was in Poland for the finale of supranational, and means a lot to me.”

Optimum Nutrition

“Optimum nutrition is an American brand which is distributed officially by Diet Nepal here in Nepal. I am a fitness freak and this brand being a reputed one I trust them. Under this brand, I use two of their products: Whey Protein and the amino acids. Amino acids I take during my workout and Whey protein after my workout.”

Make Up

“I was not really into make-up before Miss Nepal but after winning the title of supranational, I was required to be on point all the time. I thus built up that thing for make-up and recently I’ve been buying a lot of makeup and watching make-up bloggers and all of these. In fact, I recently spent two hours in Sephora buying make-up and ended up spending a lot.”


“I don’t usually shop in Nepal. My birthday was in September but I went to the US in October. I had already planned to buy this one. This was given to me by my boyfriend as a birthday gift and I love the frame.”